Grenada Favorites


As we move north up the Caribbean, it’s time to recap our Grenada favorites. This country has beautiful scenery, friendly people, good food and lots of social events, to say the least.

These are the top things you should see and do when you visit Grenada.

#1 Waterfalls

waterfall Grenada
One of the many beautiful waterfalls in Grenada

Go see some beautiful waterfalls. You can take a tour, or a local bus or rent a car or scooter to get to any number of sites around the island.

Better yet: hike to a waterfall and then swim and soak under the streaming water. I can assure you the water will refresh you, especially on a hot day!

#2 J’ouvert!

J'ouvert Grenada
Oiled up at J’ouvert

Obviously you can only do this once a year, but if you are in Grenada for Carnival, go to J’ouvert! This was my favorite part of all the Spicemas festivities.

#3 Underwater sculpture park

You don’t have to be a diver to enjoy this otherworldly park. It’s shallow so snorkeling is a great way to explore the area, see the sea life and the art. And don’t worry if you’re not on a boat: this place is famous and every tour operator with a boat can take you there. Bring an underwater camera and go on a sunny day!

Moliniere Sculpture Park Grenada
One of the sculptures at Moliniere Sculpture Park

#4 Street Food Night At The Dodgy Dock

Dodgy Dock Grenada
The Dodgy Dock Restaurant Grenada

On our last night in Grenada, we went to the Dodgy Dock at True Blue. The home of Thursday’s cooking demo, this waterfront venue comes alive with food, music and people every Wednesday night. Our only regret is we didn’t go more often!

Buy tickets for food, and then browse the different tables serving up hot delicious local recipes. Grilled fish, jerk chicken, oil down, plantains, beans and rice: they have it all and more.

Dodgy Dock
The crowds getting fed at Dodgy Dock

After dinner, you can burn it all away on the dance floor. The live band is fantastic, covering classic party songs from Prince to Bruno Mars and more. Once the band ends, the DJ kicks in and the party keeps going into the night. It’s a blast.

#5 The hash

The weekly hash includes some exercise, fun people, food and drink and beautiful scenery.

Hash House Harriers Grenada
Beautiful place for a hash!

You don’t have to be a cruiser, or a local, to participate in a hash! Just check out the facebook group and if you can get there, I suggest you go.

Brian and I debated about whether to expand this list, and add in rum tastings or chocolate tours. Have you been and if so, what were your Grenada favorites? Let me know in the comments! We could go on – and I have in previous posts. So long Grenada! It was a great hurricane season!

Grenada favorites pin

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