Fun Things to Do in Grenada

The University Club

We’ve spent our hurricane season in Grenada improving Sava and having fun. As you know from reading previous posts, we are trying to make the most of our time and enjoy all the fun and beauty the island offers. Here is a roundup of more fun things to do in Grenada.

Cooking Demonstration

Esther and Omega offer a weekly cooking demo for anyone who wants to attend. At each session, Esther and Omega show us how to make traditional local recipes and then we dig in to eat.

Cooking demo in Dodgy Dock Grenada
Esther and Omega, hosts of the weekly Cooking Demo at Dodgy Dock

The setting is Dodgy Dock, an outdoor restaurant at a beautiful resort with ocean views. The cooks are talented and hilarious, and the food is always delicious. All of this for only $12 EC per person ($5 US) plus another $5 for the rum punch.

The cooking demo is a fun way to spend a Thursday afternoon, and we walk away with new recipes. We’ve learned to make breadfruit salad (similar to potato salad), sweet plantain salad, chicken calaloo, oil down and chicken pulao.

breadfruit salad
Chicken wings and breadfruit salad

House of Chocolate

The Museum/shop is a must stop in downtown St. George. Centrally located near the port and markets, it has a comprehensive free exhibit on the history of chocolate making in Grenada, great air conditioning, and good shopping.

House of Chocolate grenada
House of Chocolate Grenada

Not just a museum, it’s also a store with one of the best selections of locally produced chocolate on the island.

My favorite part of visiting the museum is the ice cream, and I am not the only one.

The University Club

St. George’s University is a big med school that features prominently in the community here in Grenada. It attracts students, educators and their families from all over the world, a lot from the U.S. and Canada. The university has existed since the 1970s and may partially explain why Grenada is such a welcoming place to people from elsewhere.

The University Club is a beautiful spot on the outskirts of Prickly Bay on the southern coast of Grenada. It is open to the public with purchase of food or drink.

University Club Grenada
University Club pool

The pool is big, the food and drinks are good, and the restaurant staff are really nice. There are two spots at The University Club to eat: a beach bar and a restaurant upstairs, with different menus and more choice.

On a hot day (and it’s been hot!), it’s a treat to hang out at the pool overlooking the boats at anchor in the bay. We’ll be back.

We haven’t finished exploring this island so I am sure I’ll have more updates soon.

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