Sava Bonaire regatta

I started this blog when I embarked on my first solo trip to Colombia, which was my gift to myself when I was released from a long term career. Since that first adventure, I kept exploring and blogging, writing about each new place and experience. Now the focus of the blog is on Sava and life on a sailboat. Below is the history of Mel on the Go.

August 2016: Colombia: Volunteering and touring

October 2016: Iceland. Brian and I travelled in a campervan.

Xmas and New Years ’16-17: Austria and Germany: Skiing and enjoying the cuisine and culture

January – February 2017: Nicaragua for Spanish studies and travel with friends, Brian and on my own.

Spring – Summer – Fall 2017: Launching my own business in Toronto: Cycle Tours Toronto.

December 2017 – January 2018: Visiting South Africa and Botswana.

January-April 2018: Utila, Honduras: taking professional scuba courses.

Utila Dive Center History of Mel on the Go
Out front of Utila Dive Center

December 2018-Present: Living on our sailboat Sava with Brian and Domino. We’ve made it through the eastern Caribbean to Curaçao and have had lots of fun along the way, and plan to keep going until it’s no longer fun.

Two years living on a boat Martinique
Brian and I after a hike in Martinique

Thanks for reading the history of Mel on The Go, and stop by again as it is still being written. Let me know if you have any questions by commenting on this page!

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