Grenada Highlights: Nature and Outdoors

Mona Monkey Grenada

Grenada is a naturally beautiful island with friendly people and fun culture. We’ve been exploring since our arrival on the Spice Island. Here are our Grenada highlights of nature and the great outdoors.

Grenada Highlights Map
Grenada Highlights Map

Sculpture Park

Underwater art installations in the ocean near St. George’s create beautiful artificial reefs and one of the island’s most popular destinations for snorkeling or scuba diving.

The Moliniere underwater sculpture park attracts fish and people to this unique site on Grenada’s west coast. I think this park is a must visit, for the beautiful otherworldly pieces by artist Jason deCaires Taylor and the plentiful ocean life. Taylor is an environmentalist and artist with work is in Bahamas and around the world. The award winning Grenada site includes more than 65 sculptures, notably a ring of children, “The Lost Correspondent” of a man at a desk, and  “Nutmeg Princess” fitting for Grenada as a nutmeg producer.

Moliniere Sculpture Park
One of many sculptures underwater at the sculpture park in Grenada

The park is part of a large marine preserve in Grenada and the sculptures are easily accessible in less than 20 feet of water. You can anchor nearby or tie up to an authorized mooring, or go with a dive shop. The water is very clear and the bay is protected so is usually calm. It is really fun to swim around the bay searching for and identifying the different sculptures.


Grenada is a hot island, and visiting a beautiful waterfall is an ideal way to beat the heat. Most of the waterfalls involve hikes, but what a relief to cool off in the refreshing water after a short workout. So far, we’ve visited 3 waterfalls and loved them all!

7 Sisters Waterfall/Grand Etang Park Monkeys!

7 Sisters is near the Grand Etang National Park. Stop to see some of the local Mona monkeys near the entrance/exit. Bring bananas or mangos and they’ll eat them out of your hands. We had a great time with these little guys! They are polite and take the food with their hands quickly and gently before scampering away to eat in peace. The monkeys alone are a reason this waterfall is one of my Grenada highlights.

Mona Monkey
Mona Monkey taking mango from our hands in Grand Etang
monkeys Grand Etang
Monkeys in the trees, Grand Etang

Drive a few miles downhill from the park entrance to 7 Sisters Falls. You can also take a bus to this park. The walk from the parking to the falls is a medium difficulty hike so wear proper footwear.

When you pay your $2 park fee, pick up a walking stick – you will be glad you did. The trail goes over the river and wet rocks a few times, and includes some steep hills. Take your time to risk slipping, and you’ll arrive at the falls in about 40 minutes.

7 Sisters Waterfall
You’ll have to cross water to get to the waterfall

We had the beautiful pool of water to ourselves and cooled off and relaxed for a bit before the hike back.

7 Sisters Waterfall
We had the 7 Sisters Waterfall pool all to ourselves
Annandale Falls

This is the easiest waterfall to visit, so the best one to take small children and others who mind a long walk. It is less than 5 minutes on a path from the parking lot to this small cascade.

Annandale Falls
Swimming in the pool at Annandale Falls

You can opt to jump in, after watching the professionals, who will ask for a fee, or you can walk to the bottom of the falls and wade in. The water is cool! Brace yourself! A visit to Annandale Falls is probably best if you don’t have much time and/or don’t want to or can’t hike. You can get to Annandale Falls on the public bus #7 which is easy and cheap and the entry to the falls is $2.

Concord Falls

This is another lovely waterfall, which you need to drive or take a taxi to access. We did see people bus there, but it’s a long walk from the bus stop to the falls, at least 2 miles. Add to that the hike to the nicer waterfalls, and I wouldn’t recommend the bus.

Concord Falls has 3 waterfalls. The first one, the one you have to pay a couple dollars to access, is adjacent to the parking lot and shops. As a result, this one was very crowded when we visited. It has a deck where people stop and snap lots of photos. Here there are more professional jumpers who request donations for their work.

Concord Falls
Crowd photographing the first Concord Fall

You can jump off here or wade in from the bottom.

Concord Falls
Jumping in at Concord Falls

The second fall is beautiful and about a 30 minute hike on a clearly marked path. The attendant in the car park gave us very clear and easy directions to this waterfall. You cross the river several times, so expect to get your feet wet and/or maybe even more of your body as it can be slippery.

Concord Falls one of Grenada highlights
Hiking through the lush jungle to the waterfall

The end result is worth the walk: a beautiful 40 foot high waterfall into a clear and cool pool of water.

7 Sisters Waterfall
The Concord Waterfall has a refreshing swimming pool

Grand Anse Beach

This beautiful beach is on the southwest coast of Grenada, easily accessible by the #1 bus, or taxi or private car. Grand Anse is where most of the resorts are located and is a top tourist spot. It’s a big beautiful beach, about 3km in long, with nice swimming conditions, soft sand for relaxing, and several places to stop for a drink or food. It’s got everything you want in a beach which is why it’s one of my Grenada highlights

Grand Anse Beach one of Grenada highlights
A small portion of Grand Anse Beach

I like the ocean water here in Grenada because even when it is stinking hot out the water is cool and refreshing.

We’re still enjoying the cruiser activities in Grenada as we wait out hurricane season, so I’ll post again with more coverage of this lovely island.

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