About Mel on The Go

About Mel on the Go

About Mel on the Go

Hi! I am Melinda, aka Mel, and I live on a sailboat with my husband Brian and our cat Domino. So I am always on the go! Both Brian and I are sailors, scuba divers, and hikers, and we are always willing to try new activities.

I started this blog over six years ago, in 2016, when I went on my first solo trip. I left a career after 20 years and decided to take a break and explore the world, learn new things, and improve myself.

This blog is a personal travel blog. Everything I write and every place I write about I have experienced and visited. Sometimes I will talk about places I’ve visited without a lot of details, so please reach out if you want more information! Post a comment or write me directly.

Living in Utila, Honduras for scuba training

Transiting the Panama Canal by Sailboat

Where to Eat in Cartagena Colombia

The Best things to do on land in Moorea, French Polynesia

Walking Tour of Reykjavik, Iceland

Boating Around the Berry Islands Bahamas

Posing among lines and fenders for the Panama Canal
Brian and I posing among our lines and fenders before transiting the Panama Canal

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