Inside Sava

Inside Sava Bavaria 46

Time to show you what our new home looks like!

Sava is a 46′ Bavaria monohull from 2000. It is a big boat for the two of us (and Domino), because we want guests!

The salon

After two weeks living on Sava, I’m bringing out the boating terms. I need the practice!  The salon is the dining area. It’s pretty big and includes a large wooden table surrounded by cushioned benches on four sides. The seats are almost like couches and it’s actually pretty comfortable. In a lot of boats, the table is collapsible for more space but Sava’s is not. It does have space in the middle of the table for bottles which we are using. Of course.

Inside sava table
Sava’s salon table has a not-so-secret compartment
inside sava storage
Bottle storage in Sava’s salon table

The galley

On land we call it the kitchen, now it’s the galley. Definitely a small space but with a good amount of storage! We have a fridge, freezer, two small sinks, a tiny bit of counter space and lots of cupboards. The stove has two burners and a small oven. It’s way better than camping! We still need to stock up, but it’s working out well for eating, drinking and cooking.

inside sava galley
The galley on Sava

Sleeping Quarters

Sava has 3 sleeping quarters. We’ve taken up the largest in the front of the boat, or the bow. It’s bigger than a king and very comfortable. Again, there’s lots of storage, including 2 closets and massive shelving space.

bed on Sava
Bed in the V berth in Sava

The aft cabins are smaller, but still can sleep 2 people each. They mirror each other and have a closet and some shelves as well.

closet inside Sava, Bavaria 46 sailboat
One of Sava’s closets

What else can I tell you? Each room has lights, fans and portholes (windows). We don’t have air conditioning, but so far haven’t needed it. We are figuring that wind and fans should be enough to keep us cool.

We’ll be taking a short break from living on the boat for Christmas on land. Happy holidays!

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