Last Few Days of Volunteering: Ending on a high note

After four weeks, my time volunteering is over. The last few days of volunteering have definitely not been boring! The kids don’t even know it’s my last week, but they still made my life interesting and fun.

Things that happened this week:

  • A little girl threw up all over herself and the little boy sitting next to her – fortunately they were outside. They do have a shower here to wash them when these things happen! I didn’t know! The little boy was sitting there with puke on him for a few minutes when I finally took him and washed it off his legs. No one noticed lol. The little girl was still seated for lunch. She didn’t eat.
  • A little boy peed himself and continued to sit in it looking at himself until someone noticed and took him to the shower. He did the same thing the next day only he was standing outside. Just stood looking at the wet ground until someone took him away. He did it again today. Is this a hat trick?
  • A little girl tried to bite me.
  • Massive food fights in the cafeteria (I cheated though because that happens every day)

Volunteering Abroad

After a regular routine, it feels strange for the last few days of volunteering to end. Overall, it was very rewarding, my Spanish improved a bit, and I know I helped the very busy teachers. I am excited for what’s next and definitely recommend volunteering abroad to anyone who is considering it! I think next time I’ll volunteer to work with animals.

Wrapping Up The Volunteer Gig

It’s been a busy, tiring and ultimately fun 4 weeks of volunteering.  I don’t know if I could do it again, but am glad to have experienced it once. In my last few days of volunteering I took a bunch more photos. They are cute in their change of clothes after nap time between all the biting, kicking, crying and peeing.

Sebastian, a devilish delight
Last few days of volunteering I will miss the little children
Thiago, another fun scamp
Girl at the school
Yineth. Sweet and sly
Melany, quiet but dangerous

We even did some selfies (the kids loved them!)

Selfie me and some of the kids on my last few days of volunteering
Selfie with Mariana and Neymar

Have you ever volunteered abroad or are you thinking about it? Let me know in the comments!

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