Down Time on the South Side

View from Sapodilla Hill Turks and Caicos

We are in Provo, Turks and Caicos for a few more days, hanging out and getting ready for our next big jump. While we are here, we’re exploring our surroundings and taking down time on the South Side.

Moving South

We moved from the north side, Turtle Cove, to the south side, Sapodilla Bay, on Friday. Though only a 30 minute car ride from here to there, the sail took most of a day.

Turtle Cove to Sapodilla Bay Providencia Turks and Caicos Map
Quick drive from Turtle Cove to Sapodilla Bay

Providenciales is an island surrounded by coral reefs. We had to get out of the tight, narrow and shallow cove, then through the narrow channel, and out into the ocean. Our long draft boat had to stay well away from shore and the abutting reefs, from the north, around the west end, and into the south side of the island. We did it on a nice calm day with a little wind to push us, so it was fine. Just another example of how sailing is not a fast mode of transit.

When we arrived in Sapodilla Bay on Friday afternoon, we weren’t 100% sure it was the right place because there were no other boats there. Our cruising guide and navionics app made it sound like a busy anchorage, but we had it all to ourselves. For the night. Not anymore. It’s full up with cats and monohulls and we’ve met some other cruisers and shared some sundowners, as we like to do.

Exploring Sapodilla Bay

Brian thinks it’s called Sasparilla, which I love; he’s wrong. It’s called Sapodilla Bay and is a known protected anchorage, a good jumping off point for south bound journeys, and close to the customs office and the airport. This is all good because we are heading southeast next, need to check out of Turks and Caicos, and are picking up the captain from the airport.

Sapodilla Bay has beautiful beaches, a cool hike, and the protection from swells, all of which makes for easy sleeping.

Sapodilla Hill is a short hill that took us less than 5 minutes to climb, with great 360 views.

Us on Sapodilla Hill turks and Caicos
Us on Sapodilla Hill

You’ll see a wreck out at the edge of the point, boats in the harbor, and to the west and north is Chalk Sound, a large national park. There’s a historical significance to this point because there are inscriptions on the limestone rock dating back hundreds of years. These are from ships that have visited the area. We saw some dating from the early 1800s but there are lots of them around, some pretty worn down by age.

Historical etchings on Sapodilla Hill Turks and Caicos
Historical Etchings Sapodilla Hill

Loads of vacationers are in this area, with rental homes and villas peppering the streets and beaches. We walked to Taylor Beach, a beautiful beach just west of Sapodilla. The sand is soft, the water is so calm: it would be a perfect spot to bring kids. Chalk Sound is a natural lagoon with kayaking and a nice restaurant where we had some ceviche and Turks Head beer.

trying new things on the boat

It rained yesterday morning, and since we wake up early, we had time on our hands. The bread we bought at the beautiful IGA in town went moldy after 2 days, so I thought I’d bake my own. Only problem was I had no baking powder or yeast. So I thought, soda bread. Only problem is no milk or buttermilk. Wait! I had yogurt! So I went online and found one recipe that might work.

It took 15 minutes to whip it together, but I had to guess on measurements. I don’t have measuring cups and spoons on board! Must fix that! It was a bit nerve wracking waiting for it to bake. No ingredients. No measuring spoons. And I can’t really tell how hot the oven is. 50 minutes later. It looked and smelled amazing! Good news. It was delicious. Will make it again! But, I am still going to buy measuring spoons, yeast, and baking powder. Muffin loafs are in the future.

Homemade bread baked during down time on the south side of Provo
Homemade bread fresh out of the oven. It was gone in 24 hours

Brian has been repairing things on the boat and we’ve both been getting Sava ready for the next trip. Our down time on the South Side of Providenciales is almost over. Captain Jeff is flying in Wednesday morning and we may leave right away.

The forecast is calm seas and wind on our side. We will decide in the moment if we head directly for Puerto Rico or stop further on in Turks and Caicos for a night, or stop in Dominican Republic first. You know we can’t make plans, just go with the wind. We will post on social media as soon as we arrive and have internet.

Down time on the south side pin

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