A Day on a Coffee Farm in Matagalpa

Selva Negra

Matagalpa is coffee country, and it was recommended I visit a coffee farm while here. I took the chicken bus north out of town and visited the organic coffee farm known as Selva Negra, or Black Forest. It was interesting and relaxing spending a day on a coffee farm in Matagalpa.

About The Coffee Farm

The farm, and eco-resort and restaurant, is a self-sustaining business with it’s own town. As well as offering coffee tours, there are a lot of hiking trails, so I spent an entire day there. It was beautiful and interesting.

Some interesting facts I learned: Selva Negra is called Black Forest because it was founded by Germans. Germans brought coffee farming to Matagalpa. The farm is completely organic and ecological. Selva Negra coffee is produced under the name La Hammonia. They sell to Whole Foods in the U.S., so you may have tried this Nicaraguan coffee yourself.

Selva Negra a coffee farm in Matagalpa
Coffee drying on our coffee tour

The tour was very cool. I have been on coffee tours before, but this was different because of the organic and sustainable methods they use, which are time consuming but better for the environment and very impressive. They re-use everything in the coffee process and then some.

Coffee tasting Selva Negra coffee farm
The tour ends with the Coffee Tasting
Exploring the farm

I was able to go hiking here, because in addition to the tour, the farm has a variety of hiking trails. Matagalpa is at a higher elevation than anywhere else I have been in Nicaragua, and the weather is a bit cooler. It’s generally been in the mid 20s with a nice breeze, so really enjoyable. I was happy to explore the grounds and do a little hiking on my own, but even with the cooler temps I got hot climbing the mountain.

Hiking Selva Negra
Hike View at Selva Negra
Selva Negra hiking
On the hike in Selva Negra

It’s a beautiful place with a restaurant on a gorgeous pond. If I had known in advance, I probably would have gone any day but Sunday. That was a huge day for Nicaragua visitors for the lunch buffet and the restaurant area was very crowded – and loud – with lots of kids. But still very pretty, and I took lots of photos.

view from the coffee farm Matagalpa
View from the coffee farm
Selva Negra
Some of the cute animals on the farm
Selva Negra
A pond at Selva Negra
Selva Negra
The pond and restaurant at Selva Negra
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