Cali Colombia Street Art

Headphone Street Art

I did so much on my 5 hour self-guided tour of Cali and saw so much street art that deserved its own post. Here are my best photos and observations of the Cali Colombia street art scene.

Street Art Movement in Cali

I didn’t know very much about Cali until I walked around and saw it for myself. Now I know, with some online research, that graffiti in Cali is part of a growing movement with local and international artists adding to the tapestry.

I am a big fan of street art in general and am fortunate to live in a great neighborhood for it in Toronto, so it was fun to take some photos of the work in this cool Colombian city and just wander and explore the Cali Colombia street art.

san antonio barrio

Much of the Cali Colombia street art is located in the centrally located San Antonio barrio, which is where I photographed most of these works.

The San Antonio barrio is highlighted by it’s old historic church and beautiful big park. It’s colorful and artsy, with cute shops and artisan craftspeople. Plus it’s easily accessible from hotels in the heart of downtown.

Now, onto my photos!

San Antonio Cali mural
Captured on the side of a building, San Antonio, Cali
Mural Cali
Mural, San Antonio Cali. This was being incorporated into a photo shoot
Cyclist Mural Cali
Cyclist Mural, Cali
Mural, Cali
Fish Mural on the side of a building, Cali

I’ll be out walking again tomorrow (I managed to change my flight to Monday!) so I will add any more examples then!

UPDATE: Here are the new ones!

Cafe Tostaky Mural
Mural on the patio of Cafe Tostaky
Cafe Tostaky Mural
Mural Inside Cafe Tostaky
El Perro Azul
El Perro Azul (blue dog)
Entire Wall of Art
Tree Mural Cali
Tree Mural
Political Mural
Political Mural
Leopard Street Art
Leopard on the wall
Headphone Street Art
Enjoying the music
Cali street art
Man and Parrot
Big Hands Cali street art
Big Hands

I hope you get to visit this southern Colombian city yourself. It’s known for being the home of salsa dancing, but there’s so much more to it!

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