Windy Season in San Juan del Sur

San Juan del Sur sign

It’s been the windy season in San Juan del Sur. Basically since I arrived on this solo adventure, the wind has been blowing hard. Some days, and nights, are worse than others.  In general, for the 3 weeks I have been here, it has been very windy.

Dealing with extreme winds in SJDS

At the beaches, people use large rocks to hold everything down: surfboards and beach chairs included.  I have seen more than a few people running across the beach after hats and clothes. Usually they catch up to their belongings, and it offers us entertainment to watch! Until, of course, it happens to you.

And then there is the sand! It gets EVERYWHERE, including your eyes. Some days it is wise to just avoid the beach. Some days, like today, the navy closes the port because they don’t want boats on the water the wind is that strong!

Maderas Beach windy season in San Juan del Sur
You can see the rocks keeping the surfboards from blowing away on the beach

windy nights

Most nights the wind has been strong but unnoticeable. Other nights the noise is so loud it’s woken me.  It doesn’t help that the houses here, including the one where I have been staying, have tin roofs. The orange tree (with oranges that look like limes) growing through the house doesn’t help! When the wind howls those oranges fall on the the roof with a thud!  This morning it was so loud I didn’t even hear my bird alarm clock! I took some “videos” this morning but since it was pitch black it’s really just for audio purposes.

Windy season in san juan del sur: power outages

The power goes out sometimes when the windy is really strong but it never stays off too long.

wind at school

At school they keep big rocks and shells around to cover our papers, but everyday more than one of us is running around trying to catch our papers before they blow in the street. We need our fun! I shot video at school today too – the trees blowing in the wind. It’s pretty strong. No one has good hair here.

There is a HUGE benefit to the windy season in San Juan del Sur. The temperature for sleeping at night is perfect and it really never gets too hot because there’s always at least a breeze. The days have been 30C and the nights only get as low as 24, which has been perfect! Very different from August in Cartagena!

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