Where’s Domino?

Everybody is getting bored of lockdown, except for our cat Domino. This is normal life for her: she hasn’t left the boat since last February when we stayed overnight at our friends’ Louis and Susan’s place in Miami. So the question isn’t so much where’s Domino in the world, just where’s Domino on the boat.

Domino’s Favorite Lounging Spots

Domino moves around our boat like it’s hers, and she has her favorite spots to relax. Also, the boat isn’t that big so she doesn’t have too many options! She goes from our bed to her food bowl to the salon couch to the bookshelf and back and forth and in between during daytime hours.

Where's Domino? In the bookshelf
She’s found a good nook among the books

In the evening, and sometimes the afternoon if it’s not too sunny, Domino moves outside. Outside, she tries to find the most comfortable place in the cockpit, or she’ll sit up in the bow where the views are good and she can watch the birds all she pleases. I am not kidding about her looking for the most comfortable spots: when I set up for Brian’s concert last week, I moved a cushion up front and within minutes Domino was lounging on it as if I had placed it there for her!

Cat on a boat
Domino outside with Brian
Where is She?

Brian and I are constantly asking each other: “Where’s Domino?” so I decided to make us a chart and number her most popular lounging spots. And now you can get involved!

Where's Domino on the boat
She looks comfortable out on the boat
The Where’s Domino Game

Introducing The Where’s Domino game? To combat your Covid-19 boredom, you can exercise with strangers, or you can play this game from home. Whenever you want, post a comment, send a DM or tweet me with your guess of where Domino is from numbers 1 to 6 with the hashtag #wheresdomino. I’ll message you back as soon as I receive it and let you know if you’re right and where she’s chilling at the time.

Where's Domino game
Play the Where’s Domino? game

These are obviously not the only spots Domino likes to perch. It’s her boat and these days when we aren’t moving, she has free rein.

Occasionally, when we are lucky, she’ll sit on one of our laps, and she sometimes lies on the salon table. The choices in the game are her most common places to rest.

Where's Domino? In a lap
Sometimes Domino will cuddle and let us pet her

Let me know in the comments where you think Domino is!

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