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Dessert at Kome Curacao Food Guide

An island populated by citizens from multiple cultures, the food in Curaçao reflects that diversity. After years in the Eastern Caribbean, we were almost overwhelmed by the choices in Bonaire and Curaçao, and spent four months on the island sampling the cuisine. Read on for my tips, favorite restaurants and what to eat in Curaçao.

Farm to Table Brunch at Hofi Cas Cora

One of our favorite restaurants in Curaçao is Hofi Cas Cora, a farmhouse which serves brunch only on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The space is charming, the food is delicious, and you can walk around the working farm before or after your meal.

waffles at Hofi Cas Cora
Pumpkin Waffles at Hofi Cas Cora

Not surprisingly, this is a popular place for families, whose kids love to feed and interact with the animals, which range from chickens, ducks and peacocks to horses, goats and pigs.

goat at Hofi Cas Cora
One of the goats at the Hofi Cas Cora!

It’s a great place for anyone. The menu is extensive and delicious and includes vegan and vegetarian dishes, fresh from the farm.

Hofi Cas Cora a farm to table restaurant in Curacao
Hofi Cas Cora sign

Hofi Cas Cora, Reigerweg, Willemstad

Loempia at Dushi Loempia

Our cruiser friends Don and Heather introduced us to this local favorite and it quickly became a go-t0 for lunch and snacks. Loempia is made of sprouts, chicken and fried dough, and is delicious.

a loempia is a must eat in Curacao
This is a loempia from Dushi Loempia

You can get loempia all over Curaçao but since our friends told us Dushi Loempia’s was the best, we only got it there. It’s conveniently located on the drive from Spanish Waters to Willemstad and is a great affordable snack.

Dushi Loempia Curacao
Inside a loempia

You already know what dushi means so go and get the spicy one for me (it’s not that spicy)!

Dushi Loempia, Willemstad

De Broeders

We found this café while wandering around looking at street art and loved that there was more art inside the restaurant. We first visited a few days after it opened and returned because the owner was so friendly and the food and coffee yummy.

De Broeders graffiti wall
The cool art inside De Broeders Curaçao

De Broeders has a cool vibe with graffiti-splashed walls in bright rooms. The menu covers breakfast and lunch. This is a good spot to eat and chill if you are going to – or coming from – the nearby Maritime Museum.

De Broeders, Van Raderstradt, Willemstad

Fresh Fish at Des Visserij

Des Visserij exterior and sign
Des Visserij exterior

This huge outdoor restaurant, where you order whatever seafood they have that day by weight, is always busy! But they move people through and there’s usually not a wait for seats. And the fresh seafood and lively atmosphere make it worth the wait.

Des Visserij, Piscadera Bay


This restaurant came up in almost every conversation we had with locals about where to eat in Curaçao. We were not disappointed, and even commented to each other how we would gladly visit Kome frequently if we lived nearby. It’s a classic casual restaurant with a relaxed atmosphere and excellent food, conveniently located in downtown Willemstad’s Petermaii district.

Where and what to eat in Curacao includes Kome Restaurant
Outside Kome, one of Curaçao’s top restaurant

On Wednesday nights, Kome (pronounced Ko-may) serves sharing plates. We first visited on our anniversary and then returned with friends so we got to try a lot of the dishes, including dessert, and their house-made craft beers.

Dessert at Kome Curacao Food Guide
Dessert at Kome

Kome, Pietermaai, Willemstad

Burgers at Williwood

Williwood Burgers are what to eat in Curacao
Get the burgers at Williwood

A burger joint with an imitation Hollywood sign and a goat mascot holds just enough kitsch to spark my interest. Add to that delicious goat burgers with your choice of toppings like goat cheese or bacon and Brian and I went to Williwood, also known as Williburger, more than once despite it’s slightly out-of-the-way location. If you go, don’t miss the flamingos dining in the nearby salt pond.

Williwood Sign What to Eat in Curacao
Williwood’s Sign is a local attraction in Curaçao

Williwood, Sint Willibrordus

Funchi – Especially if it Has Cheese

Another local treat which I had never heard of before visiting Curaçao is funchi. I thought it was going to be a mushroom dish when I first asked about it. The server was so enthusiastic about it that we ordered it.

Funchi is basically a fried polenta bread. I recommend it, and when it’s topped with melted cheese it belongs on the top of my list of what to eat in Curaçao. Even sans cheese it’s pretty good, but I am a firm believer that cheese makes most things better. Funchi with cheese is a yummy comfort food and you should try it when you get the chance.

Funchi with cheese
It may look basic, but funchi with cheese is a classic comfort food

Sea Side Terrace

Seaside Terrace What to eat in Curacao
Sea Side Terrace sign

Another restaurant loved by locals and near one of our favorite Curaçao dive sites, you go to Sea Side Terrace for the seafood. We had a delicious fish stew and the snapper was well seasoned and generously portioned. It’s a friendly place so grab a drink and relax on the patio overlooking the sea.

Sea Side Terrace, Dr. Martin Luther King Blvd, Curaçao

Indonesian Rijsttafel

The Dutch love Indonesian food and Curaçao’s Indonesian restaurants showcase that affection. So grab a group of friends and go to an authentic Indonesian restaurants for traditional rijsttafel, “rice table” in English.

rijsttafel what to eat in Curacao
More of the rijsttafel selection at Batik Asli

Rijsttafel is a smorgasbord of Indonesian dishes all served at once. This is a very popular cuisine in Holland and also in Curaçao. It’s a lot of food and the leftovers are a good late-night snack.

rice table
Rice table in Curaçao

We shared our rice table with friends at Batik Asli, near our anchorage in Jan Thiel. As we were leaving, we met the owner, who told us the place had been in operation for over 50 years and it does well because of all the local support over the years.

Batik Asli, Caracasbaiweg, Jan Thiel

Urban Street Food at Bario

Located in the cool Otrabanda neighborhood, El Bario is a stylish hotel and bar. On Thursday, Friday and Saturday, you can visit the patio for pop-up food to go with your drinks.

El Bario patio entrance where to eat in Curacao
Entrance to El Bario patio in Otrabanda

We went on our last Friday in Curaçao and sampled some great-tasting lionfish dishes and mingled with the stylish in-the-know locals of Willemstad. This is a newish venture and they’re planning to include live music and more so follow Bario Urban Street Food for updates.

lion fish three ways Bario Urban Street Food
Lion fish served three ways at Bario Urban Street Food

Bario Urban Street Food, de Rouvilleweg 100, Otrabanda

Drink at Netto Bar

Netto Bar sign Willemstad Curacao
Part of the wall at Willemstad’s Netto Bar

One of the most famous spots in Willemstad is known not for food but for it’s signature drink. I highly recommend Netto Bar in Otrabanda. Stop in, admire all the photos and drawings on the walls inside this bar, and, of course, try the world famous rom berde, aka green rum.

They say Netto Bar is the oldest bar in Curaçao and looking around inside, I believe them. The green rum tastes more like licorice than rum, but it’s worth experiencing this island institution. The photos show Dutch royalty visiting Netto Bar, but I only saw friendly locals when I visited.

green rum at Netto Bar
The green rum at Netto Bar

Other Things to Know

Keep an eye out when you are driving around the island because there are a lot of places to eat out there! Curaçao is known for it’s “sneks” which are roadside bars serving fast and affordable authentic snack foods like bitterballen and even some Chinese food. You can usually get some deals on buckets of Amstel or Heineken at a snek.

Caracasbaaiweg, the road from town to Spanish Waters, is lined with food trucks, some of which never seemed open only to find they were really busy on Friday night! One of our favorites was The Pit Smoker, and we weren’t alone. When that place was open, usually just weekends, locals lined up for the ribs, chicken and brisket.

Pit Smoker Curacao
The Pit Smoker was our favorite food truck in Curaçao

The Pit Smoker, Caracasbaiiweg

We even saw people selling fish and lobster out of back of a car on that same main road. One time we stopped and bought some lobster. It was our boat-a-versary so we felt like a celebration!

lobster salesman on the side of the road in Curacao
When we saw them selling lobster on the side of the road, we stopped
Lobster for dinner on board Sava

Anything goes in Curaçao when it comes to food, so be prepared to be spontaneous, have fun and eat well.

Where and What to Eat in Curaçao Feedback

The island is full of great food options. In better times, they even host food truck festivals which I bet are awesome. These are just my favorite spots in Curaçao. I hope this helps you when you visit this cool Caribbean island.

What did you think of my list of what to eat in Curaçao? Please share any recommendations in the comments and share this post with anyone you think would be interested. Bon dia!

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