Things to Do in San Juan del Sur: Pools with a View at Pelican Eyes Resort

Pelican Bay View

I have found an alternative to taking a bus to the beach on a weekday afternoon in San Juan del Sur. It involves walking up the hill from town to lounge in the pools at Pelican Eyes Resort. I went to the resort twice to enjoy the pools and the view. While uphill, I personally don’t think it’s that bad a walk, but you can also get a taxi to take you – it can’t cost much. However you get there, you will enjoy relaxing for the day at Pelican Eyes Resort.

pools with a view at Pelican Eyes Resort
Infinity Pool at Pelican

How I found pelican eyes resort

The first time I visited Pelican Eyes was to drop off the school supplies for Pack for A Purpose. This hotel serves as the drop-off point for the Jean Brugger Foundation, even if most of the employees at the reception area don’t know it!

beautiful resort

The resort is beautiful. It’s on a hill overlooking the town and the beach, and the rooms are pretty expensive. However, non guests like me are still able to enjoy the amenities simply by showing up and buying some food or drinks. And the food and drinks are very reasonably priced. Good deal!

the pools

There are three pools at the resort, the other visitors are always very friendly, and it’s a fun way to spend a relaxing afternoon. The first time I went, with my school friend Susan, we met a group of retired Vermonters who gave me some great tips for my upcoming visit to Granada.

Pelican Eyes
2nd pool Pelican Bay

Because the resort has three different pools, you can move around and not get bored with your surroundings. All have slightly different atmospheres and lovely views of San Juan del Sur. Bring a friend or a book and relax for a day at Pelican Eyes Resort.

pool bar
Pool Bar at Pelican Bay

Alternative to the beach

I love the beach, but some days it’s so windy here you leave covered in sand, and it’s still a bit of a trip to get there. On the other hand, Pelican Eyes Resort is close to town.

Who knows? I still have a week left so there’s a good chance I’ll go back for another day at Pelican Bay resort. Treat yourself.

Pelican Eyes view
Pelican Eyes post sunset view
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