Tuamotus Favorites

We spent a few months in the Tuamotus, and would gladly return, because the water is beautiful and the living is easy. We visited several islands in the archipelago, enjoying our experiences in each. Read on for our Tuamotus favorites: where to anchor and eat and fun activities to enjoy.

Favorite Anchorages

This is for the sailors out there, and is based on our limited knowledge of only a handful of motus. We barely scratched the surface in this archipelago. Still, we can’t talk about our Tuamotus favorites without mentioning our favorite spots to stay on the boat for a while and these are definitely worth mentioning.

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Boats at anchor in Hirifa, Fakarava

Hirifa, Fakarava

Hirifa is paradise for liveaboards. It has almost everything a cruiser needs: good internet, calm water for swimming and paddling, nice beaches for chill time, and for the kiteboarders, a sandbar for launching and consistent winds. Friends spent so much time there, they started a cruisers net.

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How to Spend A Week in Martinique

Martinique ranks at the top of the list of islands we’d love to revisit. We spent a week in Martinique, enjoyed the crystal clear waters, delicious French cuisine, and fun culture, and we will be happy to return. Here are my recommendations on how to spend a week in Martinique.

Grand Anse Martinique
Grand Anse view
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Food and Drink in the Bahamas

It’s not far from the states, and there are a lot of Canadians and Americans here, so the food and drink in the Bahamas isn’t very different from home. As long as you are willing to pay, you can get almost everything you want in the shops and restaurants.


The national food of Bahamas is conch for good reason! The shellfish is so plentiful here and they make some delicious dishes with it.

Conch Dishes Ranked

Here is my ranking of the conch dishes in Bahamas:

  1. Conch salad. Similar to a ceviche in that the chunks of fish are cooked in citrus and then mixed with veggies. Peppers, red onion and maybe some hot sauce. Simple, fresh and delicious
  2. Conch chowder. We’ve had two versions: one in a red broth in Nassau, and a yellow chowder in Clarence Town.  Both had generous chunks of conch and a little kick of spice.
  3. Cracked conch. Lightly fried but with lots of meaty conch.
  4. Conch fritters, which usually just taste like fried dough, so I pass on this dish.
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One Night in Stellenbosch

The drive from Cape Town into South Africa’s Garden Route has to be one of the world’s most scenic drives. We spent 3 days driving it, stopped at beautiful parks along the sea, wineries, and a cheetah sanctuary, and determined that 3 days on the Garden Route and one night in Stellenbosch was nowhere near long enough.

After our kayaking adventure, our next destination was Stellenbosch, located in The Cape Winelands, the wine capital of South Africa.

Remhoogte Wine Estate
Remhoogte Wine Estate Stellenbosch
The view at Remhoogte Wine Estate

The highlight of our visit to South Africa’s famous wine region was our stay in the beautiful guesthouse at the stunning Remhoogte Wine Estate. Overlooking a lake, the winery is home to zebras, wildebeest, impala and quite a few friendly dogs. If you spend only one night in Stellenbosch, stay there, and try to go for longer.

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Eating and Drinking in Ischgl

Before coming to Austria, and the Alps no less, I had imagined there would be good eats here. Fit for Alpine skiing, Austrian cuisine is hearty and delicious, and we’re trying to sample Austria’s best dishes. Plus, we can ski over to Switzerland and try their cuisine too! Good thing we are getting exercise skiing with all this good food. Here’s my guide to eating and drinking in Ischgl, Austria.

Christmas Dinner: Chinoise Fondue and Austrian Red Wine

I already mentioned our delicious first night’s dinner of fondue – which we ate at 6PM because we were so tired from all the travel LOL early bird special! The fondue came with totally unnecessary baked potatoes.

Fondue in Austria
Fondue – YUM
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