Fiji Favorites

Fiji is an amazing South Pacific island country, full of friendly people, beautiful beaches, and more. We spent a few months there, dodging the rain, arguing with biosecurity, and buying a new boat. We also explored major islands and minor, witnessed music and dancing, and partied with the Fijians. Read on to learn about our Fiji favorites.

Visiting Fiji Villages

Our delayed cruising permit kept us from leaving Savusavu, and buying a new boat meant we didn’t get to explore Fiji much. Still, one of our highlights was visiting a village and experiencing their ceremonies.


The custom when you visit a village in Fiji is called sevusevu. The protocol when arriving is to introduce yourself to the chief of the village and present a gift of kava. All the markets sell both kava powder and root, packaged nicely in ribbon for presenting to the chief. The giving of sevusevu is a longstanding tradition and shows respect for the people whose land we visit. Once we perform this gesture, the chief will welcome us into his village.

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Bonaire for Hurricane Season

Modern day sailors want to avoid hurricanes more than almost anything including wearing shoes and giving up drinking. We came to Bonaire for hurricane season and are happy we made the choice. Here are all the reasons we are happy to be in Bonaire for hurricane season.

Bonaire is Safe

Located in the western Caribbean near Venezuela, Bonaire is generally south of the hurricane zone. Which is a relief because 2020 is already a bad year for hurricanes and the season barely started.

Safety on Bonaire extends to crime. In some Caribbean islands, theft and worse crimes are common. In Martinique, we got our gas tank stolen out of our dinghy while it was locked to our boat, and in other islands, dinghies and more are stolen if you’re not careful. While we remain diligent about locking our dinghy, these crimes are rare in Bonaire, another good reason to stay.

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Places to Go In George Town

We arrived in George Town last Thursday. George Town is the capital of The Exumas, where we’ve been sailing the last couple of weeks. It’s a popular spot for cruisers, with great anchorages, beautiful scenery and a lot of amenities. If you come here, especially by boat, read on for places to go in George Town, Bahamas.

map Bahamas
Nassau to George Town map

About George Town

George Town is a town on the island of Great Exuma and is the capital of the Exumas. It is the site of an annual sailing regatta, but we were about a week late for that event. Even so, when we arrived in George Town there were 100s of boats in the area, and fortunately lots of different spots to anchor.

George Town Bahamas anchorage
A view of one of the anchorages near George Town Bahamas

Overstaying in George Town

We had planned to stay less than a week but circumstances change. We were waiting for a part for our engine and our windlass broke yesterday. The windlass lifts and drops the anchor so we need to fix that! Yesterday morning we moved to an anchorage closer to town so we could pick up the part that was supposed to arrive. After dropping the anchor, the windlass started letting out more chain on its own. The control box wouldn’t work so we had to flip it off at the switch. Brian has been trying to fix it and only when he does are we leaving.

Here are our recommendations of places to go in George Town.

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