Top Things to Do in Savusavu Fiji

Savusavu is a convenient entry port for sailors coming west to Fiji, and it’s where we made landfall after Tonga. While our check-in experience wasn’t the best, we had a great time in this part of Fiji. If you ever get to Fiji by air or boat, don’t miss my top things to do in Savusavu.

About Savusavu, Fiji

Located on the southeast coast of Vabua Levu, Fiji’s second biggest island, Savusavu is best known for its volcanic hot springs and coastal waters. The population is small, only a few thousand people, but the town is bustling! With good restaurants and shops for provisioning, it’s a great stop for sailors, especially after the lack of choice in Tonga.

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What’s Good In Guadeloupe

We spent a month in Guadeloupe, on foot, by car, and of course in our boat. Gwada for short, this group of islands in the southern Caribbean is an incredible destination. The variety of activities to enjoy and the fun spirit of the locals made us want to return for more stays. Here are some of our favorites, what’s good in Guadeloupe.

Good in Guadeloupe
The Memorial ACTE

One of the best museums I’ve ever visited, this brand new attraction is dedicated to the history of slavery in the Caribbean. Located on the waterfront in Point-a-Pitre, Memorial Acte is a must visit.

Upon entry to the Memorial Acte, you are handed a headset and directed to lock up all your belongings, including phones. No photos indoors, but also, no checking email or social media. It means all your attention is dedicated to the exhibits and the involved and interesting audio commentary. Expect to spend at least 2 hours in the permanent exhibition. When we visited, there was no special exhibit but the contemporary art and historical memorials were well worth the visit.

Memorial ACTe
The Memorial Acte lit up at night from our view at anchor
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Dominica The Beautiful

There is a lot to love about the beautiful island of Dominica. We spent 5 days in two anchorages on the west coast: Portsmouth in the north and Roseau in the south. We loved it so much we want to return, and maybe we will next season to explore more of Dominica the beautiful, our stop after Guadeloupe.

Map of the Eastern Caribbean islands including Dominica
Dominica on a map

Boat Boys

As a cruiser, you hear about them first. Boat boys are different things to different people. Love em or hate em seems to describe boat boys in the Caribbean. So far, Brian and I choose to embrace them.

Let me explain what boat boys are. These are the local entrepreneurs who ride around harbours in small sturdy boats who make a living by assisting cruisers.

boat boy
A PAYS ‘boat boy” zooming through Portsmouth Harbour, with a mountain in the backdrop
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And Sometimes We Relax: Ojo de Agua, Ometepe Islands

I know this blog is called Mel On the Go, and I usually am pretty active trying new things or repeating activities I love in new places, but sometimes I need a break. And Lyna is on vacation, so we opted for a chill day and found it easy to relax at Ojo de Agua!

how to relax in the ometepes

The Ometepe Islands is a good spot for a relaxing day. While I couldn’t find any spas, the lakefront here is similar to an ocean, with sandy beaches and waves lapping onto the shore. It’s lovely and calming. And the water temperature is perfect!

Wednesday’s epic hike made us tired and sore, so we kicked back and took the day at a leisurely pace and enjoyed ourselves.

Our yummy lakeshore breakfast involved watching the waves and the horses walking through them outside our hotel. $3.50 for breakfast at our hotel fueled us for the day. After eating, we debated a dip in the lake or just a chill in the hammock. We had a very limited agenda.

Ometepe Islands
Horses on the beach – breakfast view
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Day 7: Iceland Geo Thermal Activity Gets the Thumbs Up from Us

This morning was amazing! We woke up at the Kerlingarfjöll campsite to find that we were not alone. Brian got to talking to a man who we think was the owner of the place. Very Northern, and very understated, he suggested we drive up the hill and see the geothermals. Wow! Are we glad we did. Iceland geo thermal activity at Hveradalir was impressive, surprising, amazing, and many other adjectives. Brian said it was in his Top 5s of Iceland (not sure what the other 4 are: probably 4 hot pots) and it definitely made my day. After that, it is going to be hard to top.

about the iceland Geo thermal activity

So what about the geo thermals was amazing? Well, once we drove to the top of the hill, it was time to hike. Kerlingarfjöll is part of a volcanic mountain range, so we hiked through landscapes unlike anything we’d seen before. We could see glaciers in the distance, but we were among hills and flowing water, flowing HOT water which was bubbling and steaming and smelled sulfuric. It was really otherworldly, and we were the only ones there. We just kept stopping for photos and saying “wow.”

There was also what in better weather must be a hot pot but wasn’t too hot or full of water at the moment. If you go to Iceland and have 4WD this is a must stop! Even with rain and wind, this hike was one of the favorite things we did all week. WOW to geothermals!

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