Curaçao Street Art

I love discovering street art when I travel, and I’m wowed by the street art in Curaçao! Downtown Willemstad is a treasure trove and since there is a lot, I’ve divided this post by neighborhood, so you can do your own walking tour when you go!

Want to see more posts about street art in The Caribbean? Check it out in Guadeloupe, Martinique and Bonaire.

The Top Curaçao Street Art is in Otrobanda

We stayed at an airbnb in Otrobanda, so this hip and growing neighborhood introduced us to the colorful street art of Curaçao. In our first days in the city, we wandered the streets taking photos and learning about the community. We also went on a Free Walking Tour and our guide showed off this trendy neighborhood and its street art.

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Why Bonaire Is A Diver’s Paradise

Scuba is a main driver of Bonaire’s tourism for a good reason. The reef is everywhere, the fish are plentiful, and access is easy. During our three months in Bonaire, we dove a few times a week for pleasure, and about once a week for reef renewal. Here’s why Bonaire is a diver’s paradise.

Diving Bonaire
Let’s Go Diving!

Ease of Diving in Bonaire

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Street Art in Bonaire

I love exploring places through the street art. It’s cool to see the local talent and what they choose to depict in their murals. Not surprisingly, in Bonaire, the artists paint a lot of marine life. Read on to see and learn about the street art in Bonaire.

The Sea

In Bonaire, locals and tourists celebrate the wonders of the sea and the fun activities to enjoy on and in it. Not surprisingly, that appreciation is reflected in the island’s street art.

snorkelers mural bonaire
Mural of Snorkelers in Bonaire
Diving Bonaire Street Art
Life is a Beach Bonaire


Donkeys roam freely around Bonaire so it’s no surprise to see art devoted to these sweet and ubiquitous animals.

Donkey structure Bonaire
A wooden donkey by the side of the road in Bonaire
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Christmas in the Caribbean

Are you a Christmas fanatic who shops all year round for decorations and gifts or more of a Scrooge? If you are the first, then visit the Caribbean anytime after October. Christmas in the Caribbean starts early: all the malls in St. Lucia were decorated and Christmas carols blasted from the speakers when we were there in November.

Since readers liked last year’s photo blog from Florida, here’s one from the Caribbean, mostly Martinique, where Santa and other holiday decor is the norm. The majority of the festive ornamentation is traditional and (fake) evergreen and wreaths abound, but I prefer the original and surprising celebrations, like the relaxed Santa in the display in Sainte Anne, Martinique.

Caribbean Christmas display
Christmas display in Sainte Anne
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Cruising Season 2 Is On

The end of hurricane season means we are moving north again. It’s Sailing Sava with Mel, Brian and Domino Season 2!

The sun has set on our first cruising season and season 2 is on!

We had lofty goals for our first season, many of which went by the wayside due to mechanical or weather issues. In the end, we got where we needed to be safe and sound and that’s what really matters.

Our latest plan for this year is to head partway back north the way we came and explore and enjoy the places we missed or rushed through on the way down to Grenada.

It’s funny how quickly plans can change: friend boats arrive in a harbor and you decide to stay for another day, or storms threaten and you leave for a more sheltered bay. We are getting better at going with the flow and we are enjoying it more than ever!

Where We’ve Been in Season 2.0

We left Grenada in mid October. Since then, we have travelled less than 200 nautical miles, but we’ve done so much I can’t fit it into one blog post!

We explored anchorages in Carriacou, took a deeper dive into the Grenadines, and actually got to explore a lot of Saint Lucia. Thanksgiving Day is today in the U.S. (Happy Thanksgiving everyone!) and we are stuffing ourselves with delicious French food in Martinique.

Here is a little map of the stops we took since we left Mount Hartman Bay (our favorite anchorage) in Grenada on October 17th.

Our leisurely trip north to Martinique included a lot of stops
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