Sailing from Antigua to Bonaire

We made it to Bonaire safe and sound. We made a successful multi-day passage which was a huge relief since it was by far our longest sail yet. It wasn’t a perfect sail but sailing from Antigua to Bonaire went much better than expected.

Leaving Antigua

Brian and I love Antigua, but after five months in the country, we were ready to go. Checking out was so easy but a little sad too. Over our last weeks in Antigua I realized what a special time we had there and I’ll always cherish the memories.

We checked out of Antigua!
Checking out was easy
Ready to Sail

We received our approval to enter Bonaire on Friday, June 26th, with an entry date of July 1st. Our provisioning was already done except for a few last minute foods which we bought in Falmouth on Saturday afternoon: hummus and pitas, and peri-peri chicken. Otherwise, Sava was packed up, filled with gas and water, and we were ready to haul anchor and set sail for our longest trip ever!

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Getting better on Sava

A couple weeks ago we posted about the issues on Sava. Overheating engine, freezer not working, Domino, battery challenges, and more.  And that was before we hit our lowest point yet with the electric head!

Well, we have good news: things are looking up right now.

The Engine

When we were in Tortola we hired a diesel mechanic, Wilbert, from Parts and Power. Wilbert and I worked for three days to diagnose and fix the overheating problems. We systematically went through the whole raw water coolant system and discovered that the pipe that fed water through the transmission was almost completely clogged. Three days of hard work later we cleaned it up and replumbed the system to prevent the clogging in the future.

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Impressions of The Virgin Islands

I have to get used to moving. A big part of cruising is moving, always visiting somewhere new, but I feel like we are not spending enough time in the places we visit. There are so many islands and so much to do and see on each of them that I know we are missing out by not seeing more.

It’s common for any traveller to have these emotions, this fear of missing out. We are fortunate: most people are in The Virgin Islands for a week on vacation and then have to go home. I have to get more in the mindset of enjoying what we see instead of regretting what we miss. In that spirit, here are my top impressions of The Virgin Islands.

Loving the Virgin Islands

5 Impressions of The Virgin Islands

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