Surprise Layover in San Salvador

Quality Hotel solo travel

I’m supposed to be in Managua right now. I am not in Managua though, I am at a Quality Hotel near the El Salvador airport, outside of San Salvador. I was only supposed to be in that airport for 50 minutes but plans change. My flight was cancelled. The airline did right by us, however, and bussed us to this very decent hotel, gave us dinner and are bussing us back, albeit at 3 am (!),  for our early morning flight to Managua. Fingers crossed!

The Positives About the Surprise Layover in San Salvador

Some good things came of this unexpected stop: I got a new stamp in my passport, tried the local beer (not that good), watched some Americans do karaoke in the bar, and met two Nicaraguans who were sooo nice and made me more excited to live there! In fact, one of the people I met over dinner runs a small hostel in San Juan del Sur with his wife, who is American and is in DC right now to do the Women’s March. Small world!  So the surprise layover worked out fine. Just wish I could have used the pool – it looks nice.

school bus
Our transport to the hotel
Quality Hotel
Quality hotel room
Quality Hotel pool
Hotel pool

Really, this could have been much worse. My initial thought when I saw the flight was cancelled was that I was going to have to sleep in the airport. I am going to try to get some sleep in this nice bed though because the bus leaves at 3am! That’s my report from my surprise layover in San Salvador. I am more excited than ever for my adventures in Nicaragua. First stop: Managua and hopefully lots of fun explorations there.

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