Street Art in Tahiti

Street Art in Tahiti Girls Faces

Tahiti is an island of bounty: amply stocked stores and restaurants, friendly people, and flocks of chickens and roosters. The street art in Tahiti colors the city of Papeete with beauty.

Super colorful wall in Papeete
Super colorful wall in Papeete

Enjoying Our Time in Papeete

We thought we’d be in Papeete for a week or so to get some chores done, but boat work is taking longer than expected. At first, we took Papeete on foot, but after a few days we rented bikes which make it easier to cover more territory, run errands, and stop to photograph the street art in Tahiti.

Mural, Tahiti
This beautiful mural is tucked away down an alley

Any way you travel around Papeete, expect to see beautiful murals around most corners. Sometimes you have to duck down alleyways to see the art. I love cities with vibrant street art and it’s one of the unheralded highlights of Papeete!

painted building Street art Tahiti
Super colorful building in Papeete

Tahiti Public Art Festival

Papeete is like a giant open air museum thanks to Ono’u, the Tahiti international graffiti festival. Ono’u launched in 2014, and international and local graffiti artists have been painting the walls since. I don’t know what it was like before, but now it’s a very pretty and colorful place to visit.

Street art in Tahiti
Art on adjacent buildings in Papeete

Many of the murals in Papeete feature the Ono’u tag and the year they were painted for the festival.

Street Art in Tahiti Girls Faces
Kobra Tahiti Street Art for Ono’u Fest

Themes of Street Art in Tahiti

I love places where the street art is plentiful and Papeete is one of those. I’ve noticed different themes to the street art in Tahiti so I’ve arranged the photos accordingly.

colorful street art Papeete Tahiti
Bursts of color draw your eye on the streets of Papeete

Women and girls

Street Art Papeete Tahiti
One of my favorite murals in Papeete on a wall downtown

Beautiful Polynesian women and girls are one of the most common subjects of the street art in Tahiti.

Layered mural in Papeete
I love this textured mural from the Ono’u Fest in Papeete
Art by Fin Dac in Papeete, Tahiti
Art by Fin Dac for the Ono’u festival in Papeete
Street Art on a wall in Papeete
Street Art on a wall in Papeete
Woman mural Papeete
A Polynesian woman on a wall in Papeete
Mural woman Polynesia
Cool graphics and another Polynesian girl/woman
Woman on wall Tahiti
Women are everywhere on the walls in Tahiti
Polynesian street art, mural, Tahiti
Another Polynesian woman mural
Mural Tahiti
A very Madonna and childlike mural in Papeete, only no child, food


Birds are another common theme in Tahiti’s graffiti.

Mural Papeete Tahiti
Multiple themes in one mural!

I see this bird every day on the way to feed Domino at the boatyard.

Bird street art Papeete
Bird on a wall in Papeete
bird art Papeete
These beautiful birds decorate a shopping mall downtown
Bird in flight mural Tahiti
A large bird in flight

The Sea and Sea Creatures

Surfer and trash turtle street art
I love this one with commentary on the environment

Not surprising since we’re on a Pacific island, sea life plays a role in many murals in Tahiti.

Fish mural Tahiti
Street art in Tahiti: fish and birds
Mural Onou festival Papeete
Mural from the original Ono’u festival
Whale Mural Papeete
A whale on a wall in Papeete


Cartoon animals pop up sometimes in the Papeete murals.

frog mural papeete
Say hello to the dapper amphibian on stilts!
Cartoon street art in Tahiti
Cartoon style street art in Papeete
Mural near downtown Papeete
Mural near downtown Papeete

Art Is Not Just on Buildings

Street art comes in surprising places sometimes. Here in Tahiti, vans and trucks are just as colorful as the buildings.

painted truck Papeete, Tahiti
An arty municipal truck in Papeete
bus street art Papeete
This van is usually downtown near the cathedral in Papeete

The highway that drops underground for a few blocks along the waterfront by the marina is also covered with beautiful murals.

Mural Papeete Tahiti
Mural on the road by the waterfront

The park adjacent to the waterfront also has this pretty heart sculpture, popular in a lot of selfies.

Heart, Papeete, Tahiti
Heart in a waterfront park in Papeete

The street art here has really impressed me and makes Papeete so much fun to visit! I hope you can check it out for yourself one day.

Where have you visited that has great street art? Share in the comments.

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  1. Oh my goodness I love this Tahitian street art and am suprised there is so much of it as I imagine Tahiti as some idyllic island far away from everything and everyone – I suppose being in the UK everything is far away! It is really interesting to see the indigenous subjects – so beautiful

  2. Wow! Just gorgeous artwork.I had no idea you’d find this in Tahiti. We hope to visit in ‘24 and will have to plan a good amount of time to see all of this.

    1. I hope you get to come and see it for yourself, Amy! There should be another graffiti fest before then so you’ll get some new art too.

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