Setting Up Our Sailboat Sava

Our first days on Sava have been very busy. We’ve had a chance to check her out and learn what is working and what isn’t, or just learn how things work. We spent the last couple of days docked at Boynton Harbor Marina while we shopped and fixed up the boat. We’ve been getting inspired by quotes about sailing but now it’s real! Here’s what it’s been like for two newbies setting up our sailboat Sava.

OMG the learning curve

Sava has a lot of equipment which we’re trying to understand. We’ve learned which switches need to be switched to get the water flowing, how to pump out the showers so the water drains properly, where the propane needs to be turned to work the barbecue and stove, and why the barbecue works but the stove doesn’t. We’ve also learned that a coffee addiction is not one to ignore. Priorities. Finally, and maybe most importantly, we’ve learned that we have a lot to learn about our new boat!

a dinghy!

On Friday we rented a pickup truck and got supplies from West Marine, most importantly, the dinghy and an engine for it. Brian and I inflated the dinghy and Brian attached the engine. Yay! We can leave our boat! These days, with all the work we’re doing, we are celebrating every success.

Dignhy Sava setting up our sailboat
We inflated our dinghy on Sava

Having a dinghy is huge for us because now we are mobile. That’s an accomplishment. We still need to register the boat at the DMV, but one step at a time. We are taking pride in every step it takes in setting up our sailboat. Now I have to learn how to drive it!

Brian took the dinghy out for it’s maiden voyage yesterday in Boynton Harbor


After the dinghy, we outfitted our beds in Sava with sheets, pillows and a nice cozy comforter from Target. We made our sleeping space nice and cozy with fans on if it’s warm, and a comforter if it’s not. The temperature is mostly warm, except the first night when it was 8 degrees C and all we had were two thin top sheets brought from home. Much better now!

Setting up our sailboat with bedding at Target
So happy to have new bedding!

We’ve also gotten ourselves Florida phone #s and plans, which wasn’t easy buying data with Canadian credit cards – ridiculous issue. While we have pots and utensils for cooking, we really need to get the stove working, and have taken to using the outdoor barbecue to boil water for coffee in the mornings. Can you tell who the coffee addict is? 

Domino on the boat

We didn’t forget Domino! She needed food and water bowls, a litter box, and a life jacket. Don’t worry, we’ll take photos when we try to put that on her. Domino is doing well! She likes the warm weather and is finding lots of spots to relax on the boat, mostly down below.

Our cat Domino lying in the sun on our sailboat Sava
Domino in her patch of sun on board Sava

After 3 days with the luxury of electricity on the dock in Boynton, we are going back to Lake Boca to anchor. We’ll have to hit land to get parts for the stove and to the DMV and more, but at least one night in the anchorage is ahead of us.

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