Scuba Training: I am a Rescue Diver

Rescue Diver

This week I took the course for my next levels of PADI Scuba, and now I am a Rescue Diver.  I also needed emergency response certification to complete the course, so it was a very intense week!

Course Materials

I had three books to read, study and memorize. Fortunately for me, two of the books were in English. The dive shop only had a Spanish version of the emergency response book. So now I know how to use a defibrillator and perform CPR and rescue breaths in Spanish.

Scuba books I am a rescue diver
The dive books I needed to memorize
Busy Week

This week, I spent Monday and Tuesday morning in Spanish class and Tuesday afternoon in scuba class, reviewing all the signs and symptoms of diver accidents and ailments.  I spent Tuesday afternoon and evening studying and then on Wednesday afternoon had a dive class in Spanish (the only available instructor speaks Spanish) about emergency response. Just to make things more difficult! What is life without new challenges? Needless to say, I spent a little less time at the gym this week.

The Dives

On Thursday, after Spanish class, we dove! I did a ton of self-rescue exercises, which are pretty scary. I had to remove my mask and put it back on about 4 times. Not fun not being able to see and have your nose exposed under water.  I really had to remind myself to be calm when I was doing that one. I also had to take my regulator- the breathing apparatus- out of my mouth and use the dive master’s a few times. Then I practiced how to help a panicked diver, a tired diver and an unconscious diver.  After a few hours we had to go in to shore as it was getting dark.


On Thursday night I took two written exams.  I am happy to say I passed both. Even the one that I learned in Spanish and the test was also in Spanish. YIKES. I didn’t ace that one, but I eked by.

Finally, on Friday, I headed to the port to board the boat to dive. Plans changed though because the port was closed due to the high winds. I met the dive instructor and his team at the town beach, we geared up on the sidewalk and walked into the sea. Improv. There I did more rescue drills, including diver tows and rescue breaths and the very fun fireman’s carry. Now I know how to take an unconscious victim out of the ocean.

Finally, after the dive tests, I practiced CPR and defibrillation and admistering oxygen on land. It was really fun, I had awesome instructors and I even learned a little more Spanish!

Dive Nicaragua I am a rescue diver
Me with my instructors from Dive Nicaragua, Nahum and Fabio

Now I am certified by PADI as a rescue diver. Hoping I never have to use it but when I go diving again I am definitely going to be paying attention to more around me.

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