Roll with it 

It’s been a little crazy the last 2 days because my host family just moved. Yes, I know! I got to their place on Monday night, stayed two nights and then was moved to another family’s house to stay while the first family moved. It sounds complicated.  Maybe it is. Either way I am trying to roll with it as it happens.

So Wednesday night I stayed with the volunteer coordinator, Libary, and her family. Then last night we were told the new place my family moved to still didn’t have air conditioning so could I stay another night? Roll with it Melinda!

Self Improvement

This is my new mantra to myself. Part of my reason for coming here was to hopefully change some things about myself, even a little. One of those is my lack of patience. Another is my need to be in control. So here we go! I tend to like having a plan and sticking to it. haha. Roll with it. This isn’t that bad.

So I am now in the new house but it doesn’t have wifi. So short post now via my phone and my local data plan. I also can’t take a shower because my towel is at Libary’s house with some of my other things since I stayed there for 2 nights. Trying to figure out the transportation from a new location is tricky too!

Think Positive

To focus on tbe positive here!

1. The negative is really not that bad. I always had a place to sleep.

2. Shout outs to Libary. This 23 year old works 2 jobs and is amazing. Good thing I am the only volunteer she is coordinating this week because it’s been busy for her for sure!

3. Finally,  I got to the institution today and the children ran and hugged me so hard we all almost fell over. Great reception and easy to roll with that.

Colombian children
At the institute with the 2 year olds

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    1. Ooh it’s actually Libary but spell check keeps changing it I guess I’d better double check that thanks!

  1. ha, this is so great! one of the best things about traveling is that it pushes us to be different than we usually are.

  2. Great post. I think the only way to survive will be to roll with it! Sounds like things are going really well (even with the small bumps in the road). Your trip sounds like a once in a lifetime experience!! Happy for you!!

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