Preparing and Packing for Nicaragua

Packing luggage

I leave tomorrow for Nicaragua and am almost done packing. I figure if I need something I’ll figure out a way to buy it, because I expect to be there for almost two months and I don’t want to bring a lot. Here’s how I am preparing and packing for Nicaragua

Packing for warm weather

On the plus side, the weather is warm in San Juan del Sur so packing light is easier. I mainly need shorts, tanks and bathing suits for the Pacific coast, and maybe some athletic wear and a jacket and long pants for when I travel to the north of the country next month.

packing for others

To make it harder on myself, I found a way to support the local community in San Juan del Sur. One of the resorts in San Juan del Sur is a drop-off point for Pack for a Purpose so I bought some supplies for the kids down there! 

It’s a really easy process – I went on the site, selected the country I am visiting, and looked through the list to find one near my destination. Then, I looked at the list of items they need, and bought some of those items.  Here’s my bag before I stuffed it shut:

Packing luggage
My bag is packed for Nicaragua – with some things for the kids there!

So basically, I filled one rolling carryon bag for the trip. I threw in a backpack for day use as well.

Itinerary for the First Few Weeks in Nicaragua

Here’s an overview of the first phase of the Nicaragua trip:

  • Fly to Managua with a short layover in El Salvador
  • Two nights in Managua and then a ride to San Juan del Sur
  • Once there, I’ll get dropped off at my Spanish school. Since the head of the school has arranged my home stay, I assume they will look after me from there
    • For the first 3 weeks, I’ll be studying Spanish in the mornings.
    • I plan to enhance my SCUBA skills in the afternoons, but that is still to be arranged.

I’ll let you know how the travel goes and continue posting once I am there. At least I’m done planning and packing for Nicaragua.

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