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Sunset in George Town Bahamas

We arrived in George Town last Thursday. George Town is the capital of The Exumas, where we’ve been sailing the last couple of weeks. It’s a popular spot for cruisers, with great anchorages, beautiful scenery and a lot of amenities. If you come here, especially by boat, read on for places to go in George Town, Bahamas.

map Bahamas
Nassau to George Town map

About George Town

George Town is a town on the island of Great Exuma and is the capital of the Exumas. It is the site of an annual sailing regatta, but we were about a week late for that event. Even so, when we arrived in George Town there were 100s of boats in the area, and fortunately lots of different spots to anchor.

George Town Bahamas anchorage
A view of one of the anchorages near George Town Bahamas

Overstaying in George Town

We had planned to stay less than a week but circumstances change. We were waiting for a part for our engine and our windlass broke yesterday. The windlass lifts and drops the anchor so we need to fix that! Yesterday morning we moved to an anchorage closer to town so we could pick up the part that was supposed to arrive. After dropping the anchor, the windlass started letting out more chain on its own. The control box wouldn’t work so we had to flip it off at the switch. Brian has been trying to fix it and only when he does are we leaving.

Here are our recommendations of places to go in George Town.

The Dinghy Dock

There are so many boaters here (200+), and the town is very accommodating to us. The big dinghy dock right outside the Exuma Market is very convenient for trips into tow and it’s a social hub for cruisers! It’s under a bridge in the very calm Lake Victoria which sits inside the town.

George Town dinghy dock
Very crowded George Town dinghy dock

Exuma Market

The market location is super convenient and has a good amount of fresh produce and some meats. Dairy is harder to find – I haven’t seen yogurt. But the provisioning options are good here, relative to most of The Bahamas. There’s a second supermarket but it’s not as conveniently located.

Karijava Coffee House

Just a few doors down from the market is a new coffee shop. We split a latte and a cinnamon bun for $12. Both were delicious. We were also able to grab some Aeropress filters which was a surprise bonus and made up for the steep cost. Air conditioning and free wifi are a plus!

Peace & Plenty

This cute hotel with a pool and restaurant is located in the heart of town. Apparently it’s a popular meal spot for cruisers. We went on Saturday when they hosted a fundraiser barbecue for the local library. I like barbecue and libraries so this was a no brainer!

The food was good and we were treated to entertainment as well, including a woman with a beautiful voice singing the Bahamas national anthem.

Lots of cruisers were there but we ended up chatting with a couple from Maine who were about to begin a 5 day kayaking and camping trip in the Exumas. Adventurous!


Choppy’s is the bar and restaurant at the marina, just off the main road of downtown George Town. It’s a good spot, with lots of boaters there, cold beers, and some decent cracked conch and wings. Burgers are also a popular menu item.

The Fish Fry Shacks

A bit north of all these other places is an area with local restaurants called the fish fry. We went for lunch which was probably a bad choice as only a couple of the shacks were open. It’s probably better at dinner when there are more options and fish. At lunchtime they were only serving ribs, but we got a very big and juicy portion with peas n rice and a few other sides!

ribs in George Town
Delicious ribs

The town also has a dive shop, post office, two liquor stores (important!), and more resorts and restaurants. No wonder boaters like it here! Now you know the places to go in George Town.

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