Photos from the Ischgl Alps

I took a lot of photos from the Ischgl Alps and the views are stunning. We had such a great 5 days skiing – the weather was beautiful, with blue skies and sunshine every day. The wifi in our hotel was not as good, so I didn’t get to post very much after our first day skiing.

The Ischgl Experience

Ischgl is a party town, but we thought the skiing was great too! I mean, there’s no shortage of bars, nightlife and restaurants, and we enjoyed all of them, on the slopes and in town.

Skiing the Ischgl Alps

Skiing the slopes, riding the chair lifts so high it takes hours to get back to the bottom, was an awesome experience.

Spending the day skiing between countries is another of the cool things about Ischgl. The resort is shared by Austria and Switzerland. We didn’t do it everyday, but we did have lunch in Switzerland. We just skied there and back like it was no big deal.

Visiting ischgl

We flew to Munich and rented a car to drive to Ischgl, Austria. It’s about a 3 hour drive, through some lovely Bavarian villages and then into the mountains. Ischgl is serviced by buses also, and it is possible to go for the day if you don’t have lots of time.

It was hard to leave the Alps, but we had big plans for New Years in Munich.

Are you considering spending a week in the mountains? As you can tell, we loved the Austrian Alps. Take some inspiration from my photos from the Ischgl Alps.

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