Packing Light

packed bag

I leave tomorrow so now is the time to pack. Those who’ve travelled with me know I like to pack light. This is a long trip, though: I’ll be gone for 5 1/2 weeks and I want to have workout clothes, working clothes, beach clothes and going out clothes! Plus shoes! You ladies know what I mean.

Want Versus Need For Packing Light

I am trying to only take one roller bag and a backpack. On top of clothes and shoes, I need toiletries, meds (hello Gravol for seasickness!), computer, phone, chargers, Lonely Planet Colombia, Spanish/English dictionary, sunblock and bug spray, of course!

packed bag
I got it closed!

Packing Light Process

I think I’ve got it done. I used a lot of zipper plastic bags and tried to really compress the gym clothes, bathing suits. tank tops, meds, etc. into those bags. Plus, it’ll help me be organized when I unpack!

Here’s my packing process:

I basically start by putting everything I want to pack in one place. In this case, on my bed.

What I am packing
Everything I need to pack is in one place

Then I organize same style items and bag them: bathing suits together, undies, t-shirts, all together in their own baggies. Then I place those bags into the rolly bag.

Packed suitcase packing light
The bag is packed!

Don’t Forget Carry Ons!

One trick I have for packing light is a big tote bag style carry on purse. I can include electronics and reading materials plus my passport case and wallet in there, and some snacks if needed. A big purse for the plane is a must.

big purse carry on item
I need a big purse for the plane

So now that I’ve crammed it all in, I’ll have to leave things behind to accommodate my Colombia souvenirs!

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