Overnight Guests

We’ve been in the Florida Keys for a week and the best part so far was our first sleep over! For the first time since we moved on board, we had overnight guests on Sava.

Our first overnight guests

Louis and Susan, who we know from my old job in NYC, stayed overnight on Sava last Thursday.

overnight guests on Sava
On board the dinghy!

Fortunately the weather was perfect. Winds were calm and waves were almost nonexistent, which was a relief for these two who can both get seasick and had never slept on a sailboat.

meeting in key largo

We met at The Pilot House in Key Largo, a bar/restaurant with a dinghy dock, and took them on a 15 minute ride through canals to where we anchored the boat. Heads up to future visitors: it is almost impossible to be graceful boarding or exiting a dinghy. I generally sit down and “scootch in” on my bum, but everyone has their method and we won’t judge. Expect to get wet though. It’s close to the water.

The Pilot House in Key Largo

We made dinner on board Sava with fresh fish from Key Largo and a delicious key lime pie for dessert. 

sleeping on a boat

Sleeping on a boat is different. There’s not a lot of space in the bedrooms – basically the bed – and it’s always moving. I don’t think they slept so great but it takes getting used to. They were total troopers and they loved hanging out with Domino! Domino kept going into their room when they weren’t in it. She clearly liked another made bed with comfy pillows and sheets.

We had a great time with Louis and Susan. No one fell overboard or got seasick. Since we are new to this we have very low expectations and figure that was a success! 

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