Our Home In Ischgl

Hotel Kardona our home in Ischgl

We are staying in this apartment in this great hotel in Ischgl called Hotel Kardona. I booked this in early November, and at that time, a hotel anywhere in the Austrian alps was hard to come by, especially an affordable one so we feel very lucky to have found our home in Ischgl.

low key hotel

This hotel turned out to be right up our alley. Homey and comfortable, it’s just easy. We are located right across the river from busy Ischgl and the ski slopes, just a 5 minute walk away. On top of that, the hotel offers a heated locker for all our ski equipment right beneath the main lift for just a few Euro for the week so we don’t have to carry our skis back and forth each day! Score!

The hotel is family run, and they are very nice. The proprietress even gave us Christmas cookies when we checked in!

apartment living in ischgl

Our room isn’t a traditional hotel room. It’s an apartment. The apartment is a one bedroom with a kitchen and living/dining room. It’s great to have some beers in the fridge for the getting ready to go out stage of the night and a coffee machine in the morning!

Our place is on the first floor, right next to the sauna. It’s handy to have a sauna so close, but there are a lot of rules. The sauna is only open between 4:30-7P, so it’s always crowded. Also, no clothes in the sauna. And it’s tiny! You walk into the room, there’s a shower and a bunch of beach chairs. People lounge in the beach chairs, in the nude, after their sauna. We went to the sauna in our bathing suits and felt like fools. North Americans, eh?

Kardona Sauna
The entrance to the sauna – I decided it wouldn’t go over if I took photos inside!

Anyway, we are very happy with our home for the week. It’s quiet at night and near enough to the action. Happy place. After Ischgl we’ll be exploring the nightlife in Munich.

The views from here are pretty too! It’s just such a quaint mountain town with buildings that look like they’ve been here forever. We are very pleased with our home in Ischgl.

Our home in Ischgl
Stunning river in Ischgl
Hotel Kardona view in Ischgl
View from our home in Ischgl
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