Our Home And Transport For the Week in Iceland

Camper Van Iceland

This car is luxe! Last night was cold and rainy but we were comfy inside our Camp Easy camper van. Here’s some more details about where we’ll be spending most of our time, our home and transport for the week in Iceland.

Camp Easy camper van is our home and transport for the week in Iceland
This is our campervan in Iceland

Small but Mighty

The campervan has everything we need for travel and living. There’s a table and chairs for eating, and a fold-out bed that’s surprisingly comfortable for sleeping. While we’re moving everything is tucked away really ingeniously, and we have GPS to get around the country.

inside our camper van
Inside the table, bed and under the table is the bedding

Brian is Driving

I still don’t know how to drive standard, and it’s costly for both of us to be listed as drivers anyway, so Brian is our driver for the week. There’s a lot to learn about driving in Iceland and Brian is doing great!

Our Campervan is Extra

We got a 4 wheel drive so we can go on the interior roads while we’re in Iceland. The main tourist route, the ring road, is accessible to everyone, but we want to see more if we can.

While we haven’t planned our route, we want to be flexible and have access to everything. I think we’ll be happy we have the ability to see and do more and travel the rougher roads if we choose. Now you’ve seen our home and transport for the week in Iceland so share what you think about it in the comments.

Double Rainbow campervan home for the week
Double Rainbow and our campervan
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