Our First Sail On Sava

Our insurance broker said we needed an assessment by a captain to get insurance. We took that as an opportunity to learn from one of the best. So that’s what we did. We hired a captain and went out for our first sail on Sava.

Captain on Board

Yesterday we were fortunate to have a wise and helpful captain  on board Sava for our first day sailing her as owners. Conrad hails from New Zealand and has lived and worked in Florida for decades and has lots of stories from his many years sailing. We soaked up as much information from him as we could.

With Conrad, we took Sava from the marina in Hollywood, Florida through the channel and out to the ocean where we turned off the engine and opened the sails.

Sailboat sailing sails Sava
Sava’s sails

Having Fun While Learning

It was so much fun! Conrad assessed Brian pretty quickly as being more than competent and then we just soaked up every word and instruction. He had great tales of his adventures sailing from New Zealand and lots of tips and tricks for us. I kept entering new data into my phone for later use. Whether it was how to anchor, what to buy for fishing, or what to inspect on Sava, we learned so much on that day. And he is giving his approval to insurance. Win/win!

Driving And Dolphins

I drove most of the way and even got compliments for it. I did get to give up the wheel when dolphins came alongside! Pretty sure I will always be hyper excited whenever I see dolphins. I would have loved to dive in the water and join them, but they swam away after only a few minutes.

Dolphin swimming Sava sailing
A dolphin swimming by Sava’s bow

Our first sail on Sava was a huge success. We learned a lot and had a dolphin encounter. Win/win indeed.

Now we are anchored in a lake where we’ll probably spend another few days working on the boat. We’ve been slowly checking chores and purchases off our list, but still have a lot more to do. In between boat jobs, we’ll also explore more of Florida by land and sea. The ultimate goal is to get Sava comfortable and safe. Sava is our home, so we’ve got to make it comfortable for us to live on full time.

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  1. Sounds great. So happy for you guys. Enjoy ,be safe and most of all have a lot of fun. Keep the pictures and stories coming, look forward to following you guys. IHope to join you in the upcoming year. Love you. Arty

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