Cycling Tour Quebec: Yamaska to Magog

The third day of our tour of Quebec, cycling Yamaska to Magog for 54 kilometers, took 3 hours. Our route took us through some pretty mountainous terrain from Yamaska Park to just outside of the town of Magog.

cycling yamaska to magog map
The ride from Yamaska Park to our airbnb near Magog

Leaving Yamaska

We enjoyed our night in Yamaska, took the long way biking out of the park, and then biked on to our next stop: an Airbnb near Magog for 2 nights.

Yamaska Cabin selfie cycling Yamaska to Magog
Our goodbye selfie to our cabin in Yamaska

Weather Was Good

It was partly cloudy thankfully, and much of the ride was on separated bike lanes. Some of it was beautiful! Rivers, trees, animals and more of the Artria!

Missing the Bike Trails

Unfortunately, not all of the trip from Yamaska to Magog was on bike trails. The less fun part was cycling on roads with cars and lots of hills. I also recall we had a difficult time finding anywhere decent to stop for lunch. We ended up just buying stuff at a convenience store. 

But the worst part of cycling Yamaska to Magog was the hills. Because we were approaching the mountain! And rarely is there just one mountain! No, there’s a range. So hills it was. We passed two cyclists loaded down with gear on both the front and back of their bikes, so we had to at least feel good about packing light! Still, it was tough. A workout, even though it was less than 60km. This part of Quebec is a winter ski destination, so we had to be prepared. We did well and love this region, for sightseeing, cycling, the warm hospitality, and the delicious food and drink!

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