On The Hard in The Yard


Since our return to Florida post-Christmas, we’ve been living in a boat yard. Sava has been out of the water, “on the hard” in Fort Lauderdale for 8 days. And counting.

Why We’re On The Hard

Bottom of our Bavaria 46 foot sailboat before the work is done
The before photo of Sava’s bottom. She needs work!

We’re on the hard because Sava needs her bottom painted. Salt water, layers of paint, some heat blisters, all of it had to come off. Layers of paint were removed and then new layers will be painted on just like new. We knew we needed to get this done since the survey. This is good news.

Being On The Hard

On the hard is the term sailors use when the boat is out of the water. I guess something to do with “hard ground.”

Originally, we thought we would be out of the water for a few days. The boat techs took Sava out last Friday and we all thought she’d be back in on Monday. We keep being reminded that nothing goes as you think it will with boat ownership! There were more layers of paint than anyone thought, and some blisters that needed to be popped. We’re getting there!

Sava sailboat on the hard in the yard
Sava in the yard in Dania Beach, Florida

The Hard Life

So it’s not all glitz and glamour living on the hard. In fact, there is no glitz at all. This is way less fun than being on the water. First, there are bugs in the yard. Little bitey “no see ems” are staining us with bug bites. We’ve learned to leabe the boat and the yard entirely near dawn and dusk which has helped alleviate the attacks. We spend this time exploring the surrounding parks, malls, and more in Ft. Lauderdale.

Second, we can’t shower or run water on the boat. The dockyard’s washrooms are clean and close by, but we have to climb a very tall, semi-precarious ladder to get to them. Which is fine most of the time, but not in the middle of the night.

Ladder to get into and out of our sailboat while she's on the hard
The ladder onto Sava. The top step is a little far from the boat, don’t ya think?

The Positives to Being On the Hard in the Yard

Fortunately, the positives outweigh the negatives of being on the hard. First, we are getting Sava painted so she will be more seaworthy than before!

Sava our sailboat without bottom paint on the hard in the yard
Today’s view of Sava without all the paint.

Second, and probably the best part, is the time we’ve spent with friends and exploring interesting parts of Florida. So far, we’ve had drinks and dinner with Allan and Robin (friends from Toronto on their way to a cruise), dinner with Jason and Jackie (friends from New Jersey and university days who live here now), gone scuba diving with Jason, and shared a few meals and tours with Louis and Susan (friends from NYC).

Anyone else in Southern Florida for the next few days and want to meet up? We’ve got a rental car for $20 a day!

Ready to dive in Florida
Heading out to scuba dive with Jason and Brian
Visits with friends from Canada
Allan and Robin were our first visitors on Sava. Too bad it was in the yard.
Dinner with friends in Florida
Me and Louis after dinner at the Rustic Inn

What’s Next for Sava’s Crew?

We are hoping to get back in the water in a few days. If all goes as planned, we’ll be in the Florida Keys by this time next week. Either way, we’re keeping busy and having fun even while we’re on the hard in the yard. Suggestions of things to do in the Fort Lauderdale area of Florida? Share in the comments.

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