Off Road Driving in Iceland

Our Road Trip

We got a camper van with 4 wheel drive for one important reason: to leave the ring road, Iceland’s main drag, for some adventures! Some of our most fun times included off road driving in Iceland.

Nothing against Iceland’s Ring Road: it takes you to the country’s most well-known spots, including waterfalls and hot springs. But. We want to go off-the-beaten path, to parks that are harder to get to. So we have a 4WD and we are using it!

Camper van with 4WD Iceland
Our campervan in Iceland

Off Road Driving in Iceland Video

This was us crossing a river yesterday. We had fun! I am not going to lie, we were a little bit hesitant at first, me more than Brian, but we made it through that river twice.

Highlights off the Ring Road in Iceland

We wouldn’t have been able to visit some of the most beautiful places in Iceland without the 4 wheel drive. One of our favorite stops was the Kerlingarfjöll volanic glacier, which was definitely off the ring road.

Kerlingarfjoll stairs Iceland
To climb these stairs at Kerlingarfjoll requires some off road driving first!

Yes, it costs a little bit more to do the 4WD, but it’s worth it for the chance to explore the less visited parts of the country. And what a beautiful country it is! Below is a photo from another place we couldn’t have visited without 4 wheel drive.

Steaming Pools at Hveravellir
Steaming Pools at Hveravellir

I hope you enjoyed these photos and video almost as much as we loved Iceland! Have you been? If you do go, get the 4 wheel drive. You won’t regret it!

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  1. I’ve never been to Iceland, but I did have the opportunity to take a camper van to New Zealand – and it might be my favorite way to travel!? Like you, having your own mode of transportation allows you to go off the beaten track and explore the area so easily. Thank you for sharing your experience!

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