More Grenada Highlights

The Container Park

After three months on this beautiful island, Brian and I have had time to check out a lot of fun activities. Here are some more Grenada highlights to enjoy when you visit the Spice Island.

Friday Night Steel Band at Tiki Bar

The Prickly Bay Marina Tiki Bar provides such good entertainment that it draws a crowd of locals and cruisers most nights.

steel band more Grenada Highlights
New Dimensions steel band playing at The TIki Bar

My favorite night at the Tiki Bar is Friday when a steel band plays for a couple of hours. Plus it starts at 6:30pm so I can still get to bed at Cruisers Midnight! ????

The New Dimensions steel band plays classic songs you know by artists like Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson. Although the band doesn’t feature vocals, you can sing along in your head or out loud, you choose.

Options and The Container Park

Near the university are two great places to eat within a block of each other. With outdoor picnic tables and a variety of kiosks offering international cuisines, these neighboring venues are popular with students, cruisers and locals.

Container Park included in more Grenada highlights
The Container Park

Between Options and The Container Park you can choose from about 10 different restaurants. We’ve sampled the sushi, Indian, and Vietnamese restaurants, plus the ice cream shop and everything was good!

UBs Vietnamese food
Vietnamese Food at UBs

Because the places cater to students, the prices are a little higher than local bars and restaurants, but the quality is good and the variety is amazing. There’s even a little convenience store with a giant chips and candy selection and even some bad beer you can’t buy anywhere else.

River Antoine Rum Distiller

My list of more Grenada highlights has to include Grenada’s rum!

Rivers Rum Water wheel
Rivers Rum Water wheel

Rum is the drink of the Caribbean, and there are several distilleries on island you can visit. River Antoine, or Rivers, is the most popular for tours. Rivers is popular because they make the strongest rum – too strong to bring on an airplane! What we found particularly interesting is that Rivers is the only rum distillery powered by a water wheel.

Rivers Rum sign
Rivers Rum Sign at Distillery

Drive up there any day but Sunday and take a tour for $5 EC, which includes samples of their high proof rum. The tour guide is entertaining and informative, and it’s cool to walk around the lot and watch the process from cutting the sugar cane to bottling. It all ends with the samples at the shop! Don’t worry: there’s water to cleanse your palate between shots.

They sell rum and different flavors of rum punch which you can take home with you.

Talk to People

Everyone we meet in Grenada is warm and friendly. All it takes is a smile and a greeting (say good morning, afternoon or evening in greeting to people here), and you will get a big smile in return. Almost everyone who lives here knows someone – friend, family – or has lived in or visited Toronto and/or New Jersey. We always have something in common to talk to everyone we meet.

Everywhere we go, the more we travel, the more we see the similarities in people. Everyone wants the best for their families, and most people are happy to share advice or recommendations or help others. It really does start with a smile and a greeting. I know when we return to Toronto I will be sad that it’s not common to say good morning to strangers, so for now, I am making the most of it!

Hope you enjoyed reading about more Grenada highlights. It’s such a great island nation!

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