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Exumas Fun in the water

As we continue heading south, we have visited more parts of the Exumas, Bahamas. Here’s a roundup of some more Exumas fun.

Our destination, George Town, would have been close enough to do in a day from Staniel Cay. We wanted to take our time, enjoy the weather and see some more sights.

Bahamas Guide

A handy resource for us throughout the Bahamas is the Waterway Guide to Bahamas. We’ve been in the Bahamas almost a full month and refer to it constantly. The guide offers information on how to navigate, where to anchor and what to see and do on almost every cay in this country. The Exumas alone is 365 cays so that is a lot of places to have more Exumas fun!

Musha Cay, Exumas

Our book – and some cruiser friends – recommended anchoring near Musha Cay, a private island owned by David Copperfield. He was big in the 90s and now I am reminding you about him! Anyone remember which supermodel he was engaged to but never married? Oh the 90s. It worked out for him though. He owns a private island with an airport on a second adjacent island.

The Musician Underwater Sculpture

Musha Cay and adjacent Rudder Cut Cay are beautiful, and the highlight is the underwater sculpture Copperfield commissioned by Jason decaires Taylor which is open to the public. Thank you, David Copperfield. I would never have heard of this incredible artist who creates underwater sculptures which act as artificial reefs all over the world.

We visited The Musician in the morning before leaving the anchorage. This artwork is of a mermaid sitting at a grand piano. There was a small tour boat there, but only 2 out of the 10 people on board the boat even got into the water. I wasn’t impressed that the boat anchored directly onto the sculpture, but I also have no control over what other people do in their own countries. We spent a few minutes diving down and admiring the work and Brian even sat on the piano bench and played a few bars!

Norman’s Pond

Yesterday, after The Musician, we sailed about 10 knots south to Norman’s Pond Cay. Guess what the highlight there was? Norman’s Pond, an old salt pond.

Anchored in Normans Exumas Bahamas
Anchored in Normans Exumas

We took the dinghy in at high tide and still had to row a bit (Thanks Brian!). It was worth it. There was no one else there. We went up the little creek into the island where the pond is, got out and walked around for a bit. Salt, sand, water, birds, fish. And silence. It was peaceful and very beautiful. The quiet side of the Exumas.

Up the creek in Normans Pond, Exumas, Bahamas
Up the creek in Normans Pond
Next stop: George Town, Bahamas

We sailed the bulk of today to a place we are going to stay at least through the weekend: George Town. This is a bustling metropolis compared to our last 11 days since Nassau. We plan to do laundry, get some much needed boat supplies and groceries, and hopefully meet some like-minded sailors to grill them for information and ideas!

We want to sail to Puerto Rico so we need to pick a route and places to stop along the way, so want to consult with as many other sailors as we can. And sailors are always at bars, so we’ve gotta go do our research!

Hope you enjoyed reading about more Exumas fun. The Bahamas is an amazing country!

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