Martinique Street Art

A French island, Martinique exudes style. With modern cities and beautifully dressed residents, it’s no wonder the art is impressive. Walking around the different towns, I photographed some of the Martinique street art. I don’t know much about the murals, but I know I like what I see!

Fort de France Street Art

The biggest town in Martinique, the capital city also has the most public art I’ve seen in the Caribbean. I’ve done some earlier posts about street art but this is the first this year.

We spent a weekend in Fort de France to experience the top quality music of Martinique Jazz Festival and I snapped some photos of the murals in the streets.

Photographed near the Martinique Jazz Fest

Near the Martinique Market is this reproduction of a photo of old Fort de France
Martinique Street Art octopus
I love how the octopus is spreading its tentacles beyond the wall.
Sometimes the cars get in the way but this was too pretty to leave out
Another one where the art comes off the canvas – at the top and bottom

Art in Scoelcher, Trois Islets, Marin

Martinique street art is pretty outside of the capital city. Walking along the highways and byways outside of Martinique’s capital I spotted some cool art. This pretty one is painted on an underpass in Scoelcher.

Pretty mural on the highway near Scoelcher
Near the waterfront in Schoelcher

We’ve anchored in Anse Matin quite a bit and there’s an abandoned hotel on a point with some cool graffiti painted there.

In the ruins of a hotel in Anse Matin
Also near the ruins in Anse Mitan
Turtle in Le Marin
Pelicans and fish in Anse L’Ane, very appropriate for a Caribbean island

Not graffiti but very West Indies:

Martinique Street Art Rhum

Martinique is a beautiful island with some great artists! I’ve mapped out where the towns are where we found this street art so you can explore on your own whenever you visit.

Martinique Street Art map
Where we visited Martinique Street Art
Martinique street art Pin
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  1. Love all the art! So interesting! I have photos of some wall art that may not exist now after the hurricanes of last year.
    I think you and James have the travel bug! His trip to Egypt was wonderful from the photos he posted!

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