Living on a Sailboat in The Coronavirus Era

S/V Sava

Coronavirus is the topic on everyone’s tongue, even here in the eastern Caribbean. This is what we’re thinking and experiencing living on a sailboat in the Coronavirus era.

We Feel Prepared

One of the good things about living on a sailboat is we are always prepared. We provision often so we have stores of food, drinks and medicine. Also, in the Caribbean people aren’t going crazy and buying all the toilet paper. Yet.

We Feel Safe

Brian and I are not in the at-risk category for the Coronavirus so we feel safe. I also heard it doesn’t survive long in heat so if that’s true, good for us in the Caribbean. Or it could be another rumor, which leads to another topic.

coronavirus and rumors

There are so many rumors about the Coronavirus and what countries are doing about it. We are used to bouncing from island (country) to island (country) with relative ease so if islands start to shut down their borders, that will affect us and where we go next.

Rumors living on a boat in the coronaviras era

The rumors are constant, especially on Facebook. We are in a lot of cruiser groups (each island has one) and users keep adding disinformation. One person writes that ports are closing, and another that one island is making visitors see a doctor before checking, which someone soon contradicts and says you just need a health form. These may all be true in the moment but everything changes quickly. We are staying alert and as prepared as we can be, including for toilet paper shortages.

A customs form
A customs form. We keep hearing there will be health forms to fill out because of Coronavirus

Cruiser Mantras apply

The mantra we use for cruising is “don’t plan ahead” and these days it’s as appropriate as ever. We hear of huge events, conferences and festivals shutting down, hell, an entire country! All we can do is continue to do what we are used to: make our own water, maintain our stores and move around where and when we can. We’ll still be reading the Facebook groups, but we’ll need double confirmation before we trust what we’re reading.

For now, living on a sailboat in the Coronavirus era is business as usual with extra rumors and speculation. We’ll keep you posted. Sava signing off from Antigua, the land of 365 beaches.

Antigua Barbuda beach bar map
A map of some important places in Antigua and Barbuda

Another cruiser mantra applies: “if you’re gonna get stuck, get stuck somewhere nice.” And “wash your hands,”of course.

How about you? What are you facing in these Coronavirus times? On a boat or off, tell me in the comments.

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