Kruger Park Accommodations: Tamboti Tent Camp

Tamboti Tent Kruger Park

This is the fourth in a series about Kruger Park accommodations. We travelled from north to south and booked accommodations in advance.  We spent our fourth night and really enjoyed our stay at Tamboti Tent Camp.

Night Four: Our Stay at Tamboti Tent Camp
Tamboti Camp Kruger Park
Tamboti is the star on the map of Kruger Park

Tamboti tent camp is one of the smaller camps in Kruger, remote and peaceful. It’s the only camp we stayed in which doesn’t even have a reception desk – to check in at Tamboti, we had to first stop in at the bigger Orpen Rest Camp a few kilometers east.

Tamboti is a type of tree, and it’s a poisonous tree. Fortunately we didn’t have any experiences with the Tamboti tree; just the camp named for it.

Lodging at Tamboti Tent Camp

Our lodging at Tamboti was a big tent with a bedroom and bathroom inside, and an outdoor kitchen on a deck, which we quite liked. We liked the natural beauty and the outdoor elements to staying there especially.

Besides being comfortable, Tamboti was a great location for spotting animals. In fact, just outside the gate on the way in we saw a leopard’s kill of impala hanging in a tree, and when we left the next morning, we saw two hyenas finishing off the meal.

Tamboti Kruger Park Accommodation
Our tent at Tamboti
Tamboti, Kruger Park
Our bedroom at Tamboti tented camp
Kruger Park Impala
Impala in a tree, Kruger Park
More Remote and Peaceful at Tamboti

Tamboti didn’t have the amenities of the big camps, but you don’t need a store or a restaurant every night. And, unless you have kids, you’re probably not going to swim in the pool with other people’s kids. The natural beauty, peace, and outdoor feel made Tamboti a lovely spot for the night. We would return for a longer stay if we could.

Stay at Tamboti Tent Camp Kruger
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  1. This sounds like a more laid back and rustic experience but with all the fun of animal watching still there. I’d love to go visit this camp and get to see the wildlife right nearby and get a little taste of the Kruger National Park.

  2. Wow! What a cool experience! I hope to visit someday. I look forward to reading about your other Kruger Park Accommodations!

  3. This looks like a great experience! I love camping and wildlife so this would be the perfect combination for me. Sometimes smaller is better!

  4. Beautiful! I was in South Africa last year. We didn’t get the chance to see Krueger though! I’m going back in 2021 and it’s number one on my list!

  5. Been dreaming of heading back to Africa recently after revisiting my Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda posts – definitely gonna take this as a sign of where to head once all this is over! ????

    1. Oh gosh, Claire! We woke up to coffee and fruit and then drove to see the animals. You’re hilarious! ???? A safari is probably not for you!

  6. Been dreaming of going to Africa one day because I adopted a baby elephant in Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. You can have yours too!

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