Kruger Park Accommodations: Shimuwini Bushveld Camp

Shimuwini Kruger

This is the second in a series of posts about the great places to stay in Kruger National Park. Overall, we spent five nights traveling north to south and we highly recommend Shimuwini Bushveld Camp, a highlight of our trip.

Overview: Shimuwini Bushveld Camp

Shimuwini was special! It’s a small camp with a reception area and not much else besides the houses for guests. The remote atmosphere made us feel as if we were secluded away in our own paradise.

Because of its location on the Groot Letaba River, it felt like we were staying in a summertime resort. We even had our own house, which was a roomy riverfront cottage with a beautiful view.

Our Cottage at Shimuwini

Our cottage had 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, full kitchen, living room, and back patio with brai. A bit big for just the two of us, but we were happy to have a new place to stay. Part of the fun of staying in Kruger Park was experiencing a completely different camp each night and enjoying the variety.

We arrived early enough to walk next to the river and onto the bird viewing deck. We thought this place was blissful, but, surprisingly, there was limited animal life in the river, aside from birds. Still, a gorgeous place to spend Christmas Eve.

Recommend Shimuwini Bushveld Camp
Our house at Shimuwini Camp

Because we had the stunning river view, even from our bed, we woke up early on Christmas Day to take in the sunrise and enjoy our coffee on the patio. Lots of birds visited us there. We would have stayed longer at Shimuwini if we could as it was our favorite place in Kruger, but we had to move south. We definitely recommend Shimuwini Bushveld Camp for the natural beauty and luxe accommodation.

Shimuwini Sunrise view
Sunrise at Shimuwini Camp
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  1. That little cottage looks so sweet (love the color!) and it sounds like you had a great stay. I bet it was a magical spot to spend Christmas.

  2. Wow Mel, that sunrise picture you captured from your cabin along the Groot Lebata river at the Shimuwini Bushveld Camp is amazeballs! I am a Sunset kind of guy rather than waking up for the Sunrise, but I could be convinced to come out of your homestay on Christmas Morning for that.

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