I’ve Arrived in Cartagena

Cartagena Teatro

It was a long eventful day but I’ve arrived in Cartagena and am looking forward to what’s next. Here’s a recap of the planes and automobiles that took me from Toronto to Cartagena.

Getting to YYZ

I took an uber pool in Toronto at 530am thinking no one would share the ride at that hour on a holiday Monday. Wrong! I ended up with two drunk girls who hadn’t gone to bed yet and were hilarious and woke me up for my flights. They got dropped off in Mississauga and I got to the airport with plenty of time for my flight. Gotta love the people you meet in uber pools.

Flight 1: Toronto to Miami

The Toronto to Miami flight was also interesting because the woman in the window seat of my row kept complaining about her health. Now I am not a medical professional so can’t say if it was legit but the Air Canada staff took it seriously and were very caring. I ended up getting to know the guy sitting in the middle seat because he and I kept having to get up to accommodate the flight crew and a doctor. Yes! They made an announcement looking for a doctor on the flight just like in the movies – and at least 3 people came forward. Anyway, my seat mate had just had a great visit to Toronto for Caribana so we had lots to talk about. And I think the lady in the window just had indigestion. Again, not a medical pro, but she ate a lot.

Miami Airport Layover

Miami airport was a dud. The international terminals are full of mass market beer bars and fast food but I did manage to snag a Cubano sandwich that was pretty decent.

Cubano and a beer
A cubano sandwich and a beer in the Miami airport

Flight 2: Miami to Cartagena

The flight from Miami to Cartagena on Avianca was great! I am glad because I will be using them again for flights within Colombia, like to Cali!. I slept for the first half and watched Keanu for the second. And yes, friends who said that movie included not enough kitten were right on the head.

I’ve Arrived in Cartagena – At The Airport

Cartagena airport was pretty easy – apparently there’s an entry fee for Canadians and the official didn’t know how to process it. He was quite happy when I swapped for my US passport. Very flexible Colombia! Gracias!

I was greeted by my contact here, Libary, who speaks at least 3 languages and is super cool. She brought me to my family who are so nice and live in a nice Barrio and have made me feel welcome and at home.

At My Home in Cartagena

I have my own room in this nice house with a couple and their son. They are going to get me to practice a lot in Spanish which is good with me.

Casa Cartagena
My home in Cartagena

Oh ps it is HOT and HUMID here but there is a powerful fan in my room.

Now that I’ve arrived in Cartagena I can focus on what’s next. Tomorrow I will go to the institution where I will be volunteering and I will take more photos for sure! Hasta manana!

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