Iceland Day 1: Water

Rainbow at Skogaofoss

Yea! We made it to Iceland past midnight and promptly went to duty free to buy booze. That seems to be the first move for anyone, locals included, and we want to follow the local customs! Here’s a recap of Iceland Day 1 for us: a busy day.

Busy Morning

We checked into our hotel, the Base Hotel by the airport, had a few beers at the lounge and went to bed for about 5 hours. This morning, we got up, went back to the airport for a 45 minute bus ride into the Reykjavik bus station, then a taxi to Camp Easy to pick up our ride, and home, for the week!


Then we hit the road! And today we saw a lot of water! Waterfalls, a hot spring (that was beautiful but could have been hotter), and tons of beautiful views of bodies of water. I think this will be a recurring theme. We also hiked a bit, but we ended quite early because we are tired from too little sleep last night.
Early observations:

  • The wind is INSANE. People warned me but I still had to experience the reality of it. I feel like a drunk trying to stay upright in these fierce winds. It is very strong!
  • The landscape is gorgeous. Photos can’t do it justice. At least mine can’t.
  • The driving is easy – so far – we haven’t travelled too far yet though!
Iceland Day 1 Reykjavik to Selfoss Map
Day 1 Drive: Reykjavik to Selfoss
  • The temperature is 10 degrees and looks like it will remain that way. Which is great when it’s sunny, but the wind is fierce!
  • The people are super nice
  • It’s going to be a fun week!
  • That’s a wrap for Iceland Day 1. I will update as often as possible from this beautiful country.

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