I Like This Place! Corn Islands

Corn Island Beach

Brian and I made it to Corn Islands on Saturday morning, and it’s very relaxing. There are a few things to do here in Corn Islands: dive, drink beer and/or rum, eat seafood, relax in the sun and/or shade, repeat. That’s been us for the first 2 days of our stay here. We like Corn Islands a lot.

Corn Island Accommodations

We are staying in a really cool “eco-cabin” up a hill with a nice view of the sea. This is our view from the deck/patio.

Los Escapados Corn Island
View from our patio, Corn Islands

Roy, the Aussie who created Los Escapados, calls it “Glamping.”  We’re staying in a very sturdy tent built into the ground with a deck, electricity and a very nice bathroom. The ocean is straight downhill, and we’re only a few minutes walk to the dive shop and a number of restaurants, convenience stores and bars. We feel at home, and our accommodations are only the first of many reasons to like Corn Islands.

Los Escapados
Our eco-cabin at Los Escapados
Corn Islands Diving

We have already been for one dive, yesterday morning, with Dos Tiburones Dive Shop, which is run by a lovely American woman. The wind is strong and the sea is rough so we were only able to go to a nearby dive site, and the 10 minute boat ride each way was rough. The dive itself was long but not great, mainly because the waves kept the visibility pretty low.

We’re going to walk over for breakfast and see what the plan is for later today. The weather forecast doesn’t call for much change in the rough seas while we are here, but we’ll make the best of it. We’re both happy to be together and relax so we’re not picky! Whatever we do is fun. And it’s very relaxing here.

Rough Seas Corn Islands
Rough seas Corn Islands
Rough Seas Mean Big Corn Was A Good Choice

The rough seas have cut off ferry service between Big Corn and Little Corn Islands. We’re staying on Big Corn because I didn’t want to deal with the ferry so I made the right choice.

Everyone who has to travel between the islands has to take the container ship which only runs once daily. As a result, the baseball game that was supposed to happen Saturday night between Big Corn and Little Corn hasn’t happened yet. We are holding out hope that it will one of these nights, as Brian really wants to experience Nicaragua baseball. I’ll keep you posted!

In the meantime we’ll be lying on the beach, relaxing, or in the water, doing the same. See why I like Corn Islands?

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  1. Omg I was stuck taking a ride back from Little Corn to Big Corn on the container ship last year… longest hour at sea of my life! I felt so sick the entire time. We ended up enjoying our stay on Big Corn more anyway (better beaches).
    I recommend having dinner at Comedor Maris – very intimate and delicious food.
    Enjoy your stay on Big Corn!!

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