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Guatapé is such a pretty town and I took so many photos I had to do a separate Guatape photo post. It’s not called Colombia’s most colorful town for nothing!

colorful Shops in Guatape
Colorful Stores in Guatape

Zocalos in Guatape

The decorations on all the buildings are called zocalos, and as I mentioned, every building has different ones. Some are very specific to the business inside, and some? We don’t know, but it was really fun wandering around looking at them. Another reason to visit Guatape if you want instagram worthy shots!

a nautical themed Zocalo
Nautical Themed Zocalo

Guatape is historically a farmer’s town where they would come to trade. Many of the buildings housed and still house tradespeople, and you can see the variety of the businesses through the zocalos.

More Guatape Photos

Of course, farmers need to eat and drink and have some fun just like anyone.

Zocalo Guatape
Pool Hall Zocalo
Guatape chocolate shop zocalos
The chocolate shop

Zocalos are everywhere in Guatape. They’re bright and colorful and lots of fun to find. The town is like a little zocalo treasure hunt and we were determined to capture all of them!

The rotisserie/bakery in Guatape
The rotisserie/bakery in Guatape

The beautiful church isn’t left out, either. In Guatapé, it has zocalos.

Church in Guatape photos
The church has church zocalos!

Guatapé is well worth visiting from Medellin. It’s almost like going on a treasure hunt exploring the zocalos and photographing them on the sides of each building.

Zocalo Gamblers
Must be the fun part of town: The gambling hall zocalo

Apologies for the tilts in so many of the Guatapé photos. It’s a hilly town so everything is on an angle. We really loved walking around one of Colombia’s nicest towns, pointing out the different art and taking photos.

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