Flying Above Medellin 

Paragliding Medellin

I took the bus again this morning and this time it was totally worth it! Brian and I went paragliding in the mountains outside of Medellin and we both loved it. Read on for more about our experience flying above Medellin.

Leaving Medellin

It helped that the bus ride was under an hour. Quick and easy bus rides are the only bus rides for me. We left the city at around 9:30am and by 11am we were flying!

Why Paragliding

The mountain locale, weather, and air climate of the region makes for perfect conditions for paragliding. There are a number of businesses offering the service for a really inexpensive price. We paid $95,000 COP each for 10 minutes plus $10,000 COP for a video. Convert the currency and for the low low price of $87 Canadian two of us paraglided and we each got video and photos from the gopro they gave us to use on the flight. How could we NOT do it?!

Paragliding and Flying Above Medellin
View of some of the paragliders

Zona de Vuelo

We flew with Zona De Vuelo because they were the business who confirmed with us online. We probably could have just taken the bus to the drop-off point where all the businesses are and any one of them would have accepted our money. They all charge the same amount and they all fly from the same point of the mountain.

Me Paragliding
Me Paragliding

At Zona de Vuelo, they were very nice and organized. They checked us in, had us fill out some forms and pay of course, took our bags and secured them for us, gave us the photo cards, and pointed out where to walk up the mountain. We walked uphill to the takeoff and landing area and checked in there. We met our pilots – mine was named Jaime and Loves his job! – and got geared up. The mountain was amazing. We joined tens of other people who were just watching and/or getting ready to go on their flights. Everybody was happy and excited. No wonder Jaime loves his job.

What it’s Like Flying Above Medellin

It was so much fun! I wasn’t scared at all. I was more scared about dropping the gopro than I was about anything else. Don’t worry! I didn’t lose or break it. It was 10 minutes of looking at beautiful scenery while moving through the clouds. There were birds below me! It was exhilarating!

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Brian probably enjoyed it even more than I did because I did get a tad bit of motion sickness (recurring theme) toward the end, even though I took gravol before the bus ride. Oh well! That’s why we only did 10 minutes, and it was perfect, with beautiful views and the experience of flying, or gliding among the clouds. We are both so glad we did it!

Brian Paragliding
Brian Paragliding

I recommend this paragliding experience! It’s fun and exhilarating but still safe. Would you try it?

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Flying above Medellin Colombia
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