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Trees Estelí

Estelí is a big city in the northern highlands of Nicaragua. It feels smaller than León, but I think that’s mainly because the traffic is better. In León, I always felt like I was about to be hit by a car (pedestrians do NOT have the right of way here!). Estelí traffic is better because the streets are mostly one way which makes exploring Estelí Nicaragua easy peasy.

getting to know estelí

I had plenty of time to get to know Estelí today, so I walked around town for a bit, went to a museum and visited the cathedral.

estelí street art

There is a quite a bit of street art in town. I am not sure if it’s a direct result of the political importance of this town during the revolution (it was a Sandinista stronghold), or just lots of artists. The variety is really engaging and it made for a fun day looking for more murals.

Mural Esteli
Mural Esteli
Mural exploring Esteli
Robot Mural Estelí
Fish Mural Esteli
Fish Mural – is it dead?

Some of the murals I can’t make a lot of sense of, and some are very clearly political. The date July 19 plays a role in a few – that’s the day of the Sandinista Revolution, or Independence Day.

Esteli street art Nicaragua
War and Peace Mural Estelí
Mural of Che in Esteli Nicaragua
Che Mural

exploring estelí’s museum

While exploring Estelí, I visited the museum in town, the Museum of History and Archeology.

Museo de Archeologico Esteli
The museum of archeology in Esteli
Museo exploring Esteli Nicaragua
Museo Esteli

Only a four room museum in a pretty park a few blocks north of my hostel, it houses quite a few interesting artifacts. I was most interested in the petroglyphs,

Esteli arqueologico museo
Petroglyph at Estelí museum

but it also gives me a chuckle when I see record players and typewriters in the same history museum as petroglyphs! How old do I feel today?

Esteli museo
Record player on display in the museum of archeology in Esteli

They also had a section on famous local residents (revolutionaries, for the most part), and one on customs and local myths. Overall, I found my visit to the museum interesting, and admission was 20 cordobas, about 75 cents, so it’s worth a visit.

landscaping in estelí

I probably already mentioned I quite like the landscaped trees here in Nicaragua. I had to photograph some quite close to my hostal. Don’t they remind you of Edward Scissorhands?

Trees Esteli
Trees in Estelí

cathedral in Estelí

I also visited the cathedral, which is quite grand and covers a lot of ground. Pretty interior, too.

White Cathedral in Esteli Nicaragua
Cathedral Estelí
inside Esteli Nicaragua cathedral.pews
Cathedral Estelí

Tomorrow is my last day solo in Nicaragua and I am going to make it to Somoto Canyon, and it is going to be beautiful! In the meantime, I’m still having fun exploring Estelí.

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