End of The Home Stay

Brian is here. My days in Campestre are over. I am now living the life of a tourist with Brian in the walled city of Cartagena. For me, it’s the end of the home stay in Cartagena.

Brian’s welcome to Cartagena

After Brian’s arrival (late), I welcomed him, got him settled in to the airbnb, and we walked around the old town a bit. But soon it was time to meet the family! We grabbed a taxi so he could meet the important people in my Cartagena experience. I took him back to the barrio!

a visit to campestre

Marcela greeted us followed by Libary soon after. We got some photos of the whole gang before we separated for good.

Me and Marcela out front of her house

i will miss my cartagena family

Living with Marcela and her family was a great experience, as she is a very nice friendly person and a good cook! When she found out that Brian loves chicarrones, she made a special batch to welcome him to Cartagena. What a sweetie!

Marcela also helped me with my Spanish, and corrected me all the time, which I needed! Any help learning Spanish is a plus for me, and part of the reason I chose to live with a family instead of with other volunteers or on my own.

Brian and Marcela

It was very different from my normal life in many ways. Watching Colombian TV, listening to the neighbors’ music, getting lost, all were part of the adventure. Now I return to selecting my own meals and air conditioning, which I welcome! No complaints! I was well taken care of by a warm and caring woman, and I will always appreciate that.

Me and Libary last day in the home stay
Me and Libary

It’s very bittersweet for me. I am so happy to see Brian again and to start touring the country. Yet, the end of the home stay means the end of a time filled with new experiences and challenges for me. I will look back on it fondly for a long time.

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