Easy Year to Travel on Christmas

Munich Airport Beergarden

We got lucky! We had 3 flights plus a rental car trip to take us from Toronto on Christmas Eve afternoon into the Austrian Alps on Christmas afternoon, and all of them were on time and had plenty of room for our non-checked bags! I said we had three flights and still it was an easy year to travel on Christmas. Merry Christmas indeed!

Toronto to Detroit

Easy, on time, and Detroit is a pretty fun airport. They have a tunnel to take you between terminals where they play great Motown tunes and change the light colors so it’s a fun experience for airport movement. We enjoyed the disco tunnel, Detroit!

Detroit Airport Tunnel
Detroit Airport Tunnel

We also had a three hour layover so plenty of time for a couple good ole American craft beers to get us tired for the nighttime flight to Frankfurt.

Detroit to Frankfurt

This was the long flight, where we wanted comfort, rest and the opportunity to watch a movie or two. Unfortunately, the area we were seated in did not have working video screens. Two out of three? OK. Gluten free girlfriend (GFGF) sitting in front of us could have been better though. Because we, and the flight attendant, did not need to hear ad nauseum how difficult it was to use the Delta website and choose a special meal. She probably isn’t even celiac. Just a pain in the a** is my guess!

It worked out fine. Brian listened to podcasts and I slept almost the entire flight. He got the window and I got the aisle and we can eat gluten so all is good! Landed in Frankfurt right on time Christmas morning.

Frankfurt airport is massive – and they have tons of pretzels of all different types. Definitely have to grab a sampling of those on the way home. Their pretzel game is strong, and Munich is known for pretzels, not Frankfurt. Can you tell I am getting excited? Yea! Pretzels are my snack!

Frankfurt Airport Pretzels
Look at these bad boys!

Frankfurt to Munich

Two hours in Frankfurt and then we were off to Munich on a half full plane for a very short (40 minute) trip. Super easy again, up and down. Bam! Here’s Munich!

At Munich airport we stopped for some groceries and then went looking for our rental car, and hey – they have a Christmas Market at the airport! And it was Christmas Day! Pretty cool. The market itself wasn’t busy at all, which was good because we had our luggage. We walked around and took some photos, but we had to drive so no beer or mulled wine, and we weren’t hungry, so no wurst or pretzels. Plenty of time for that!

Munich to Ischgl

No one is going to be surprised to hear that Brian navigated the drive to Ischgl expertly. It was a lovely drive, especially when we got further south near the mountains. We drive through beautiful Bavarian villages and ski towns with charming homes and decorations until 3 hours later we got to the charming town of Ischgl, Austria. Skiing started today and here are more photos and descriptions.

Christmas dinner was a last minute thing in Ischgl. Walking around the town, we spotted a fondue place so we stopped for Chinoise fondue and Austrian wine from Gut Oggau. We learned that Austria is also the MOST organic place on earth and they pretty much invented the farm to table movement post WWII so it was really cool hearing the waiter talk about the provenance of the beef and the wine we drank. Yea Austria!

It was good. We were tired. We went to bed before 8PM. But still, it was an easy year to travel on Christmas and I am glad it was good! Hope everyone had a great Christmas! We are looking forward to skiing in Ischgl.

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