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Introducing our cat Domino, who is joining us on our boat! We couldn’t leave this bundle of sweetness behind in Toronto. She likes warm weather and the sun. We’re not so sure how she’ll handle the sea and the movement bur hoping it goes well for all of us! Our little family is doing this together, me, Brian and Dommie on the Go!

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You can follow Domino’s adventures here on the blog, of course. One way to do that more easily is to subscribe to the blog. You can also follow cute Domino more closely on Instagram, where she goes by Dommieonthego.

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Adventures of Dommie on The Go

In the next week, Domino is going to take her first plane trip in a carrier underneath the seat. I’m a little worried about how she likes it, but we have to get her to Florida somehow! Then we’ll introduce her to her new home, Sava. For a cat who has lived in the same home for 10 years, this will be an adventure for Domino too.

Domino’s Personality

We think Domino’s personality will help her get used to this new life. She’s playful but also relaxed, and she’s friendly. We all need to be friendly as we start this new life on a boat!

Dommie on the Go in Toronto
Dommie in Toronto

Cat on Board

We have no idea how Domino will fare, nor how we will, living aboard a 46foot monohull. What we do know is that other people have cats, dogs, and other pets, and kids, and disabilities on boats. We’ll figure it out and have fun doing it.

Do you have any tips for boating with a cat or other pet? Share in the comments. I’m sure Dommie on the go will appreciate them.

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